COD 2020: Pre-Order Code Found In Modern Warfare

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Something big is about to happen regarding COD 2020.

Warzone Season 5 got underway this week and lots of new code has been uncovered since the big update and it's pointing to an announcement in the coming weeks.


The latest code is related to potential pre-orders going live for the unannounced title.

While we're expecting the game to be called 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War', it's still not official.

COD 2020 Pre-Orders Going Live?

As data miners do, they've been extracting information out of the latest Modern Warfare and Warzone update.


They've noticed coding for a new Operator, that is believed, to be Frank Woods (one of the Black Ops franchise protagonists).

Now pre-order coding has been spotted and brought to our attention.

Discord user Zarketas, noticed by @ModernWarzone and posted by @WarzoneNewz has posted the following code:


Photo via @WarzoneNewz

The new code details the codename 'zeus' as well as 'preorder'. Specifically a standard edition, cross-gen edition and ultimate edition.

Project Zeus is the believed codename for the COD 2020 title. Meaning Modern Warfare may be setting up the ability to pre-order the next title in-game.

It's likely this will take players to the platform store and order a digital version.


Mysterious boxes were recently sent out to COD community members, stating that they can not be opened until 10th August. Is this when we will start to see official announcements and pre-orders go live?