CDL 2020: Methodz Toronto Ultra Player Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

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Anthony "Methodz" Zinni is a main AR for Toronto Ultra. The 22-year-old American will feature as part of the Toronto franchise in the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2020 Season for Modern Warfare.

Methodz is best known for being one of the youngest "established" competitors in Call of Duty Esports history.

Methodz made a name for himself during the WWII season on the Rise Nation squad. In his time competing he has earned over $85,000 in prize money.

Here's Methodz's player profile for the CDL 2020 season.


CDL 2020 Season

For the debut season of the Call of Duty League, Methodz will be a part of the Toronto Ultra - the team consists of:

Anthony "Methodz" ZinniCarson "Brack" NewberryAlejandro "Lucky" LópezAdrian "MeTTalZ" SerranoDaniel "Loony" Loza

With the CDL 2020 season yet to start, no offline tournaments have taken place yet. However, Methodz has played with the Toronto Ultra squad in one online tournament.

In the CheckMate Gaming $1000 5v5 S&D 2019-11-02 they placed top 16.


Major Achievements

The following achievements feature all offline tournaments only.

Prize pool represents the total amount the team earned.

Game Event Date Place Prize Team
BO4Call of Duty World League Championship 201918-08-201917th-24th$15,000UYU
BO4CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs Play-In21-07-20193rd-4th$0UYU
BO4CWL Pro League 201905-07-201915th-16th$59,375UYU
BO4CWL Anaheim 201916-06-201913th-16th$0UYU
BO4CWL London 201905-05-20199th-12th$50,000UYU
BO4WorldGaming Network Championship Series 2019 Grand Finals07-04-20197th-8thC$1,000UYU
BO4CWL Fort Worth 201917-03-20199th-12th$0UYU
BO4CWL Las Vegas Open 201909-12-201813th-16th$0FaZe Clan
WWIICall of Duty World League Championship 201819-08-201817th-24th$12,500OpTic Gaming
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 2 Playoffs29-07-20187th-8th$10,000OpTic Gaming
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 219-07-20181st-2nd$12,500OpTic Gaming
WWIICWL Anaheim Open 201817-06-20185th-6th$8,000OpTic Gaming
WWIICWL Seattle Open 201822-04-20185th-6th$8,000Team Kaliber
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 1 Playoffs08-04-20187th-8th$10,000Rise Nation
WWIICWL Birmingham Open 201801-04-20183rd$32,000Rise Nation
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 122-03-20181st-2nd$12,500Rise Nation
WWIICWL Atlanta Open 201811-03-20181st$80,000Rise Nation
WWIICWL New Orleans Open 201814-01-20183rd$32,000Rise Nation
WWIICWL Northern Arena Showdown 201817-12-20174th$0Next Threat
WWIICWL Dallas Open 201810-12-201713th-16th$32,000Next Threat
IWCall of Duty World League Championship 201713-08-201717th-24th$12,500Echo Fox
IWCWL NA Last Chance Qualifier 201727-07-2017Q$3,000Echo Fox
IWCWL Anaheim Open 201718-06-201729th-32nd$0Echo Fox
IWCWL Dallas Open 201719-03-201725th-28th$0Echo Fox
IWCWL Paris Open 201719-02-201725th-28th$0Echo Fox
IWCWL Atlanta Open 201712-02-201729th-32nd$0Echo Fox
IWCWL Las Vegas Open 201718-12-201613th-16th$0Echo Fox
BO3Call of Duty World League Championship 201604-09-201617th-24th$15,000Most Wanted
BO3MLG Orlando Open 201607-08-201621st-24th$0Most Wanted
BO3MLG Anaheim Open 201612-06-201621st-24th$0Primed
BO3UMG South Carolina 2016 Champion Tournament14-02-20169th-16th$0CLG
BO3ETG 1117-01-20165th-6th$0CLG
AWUMG Orlando 201504-01-201529th-32nd$0SYNRGY Gaming
AWMLG Columbus Open 201430-11-20142nd$6,000Elevate
GhostsUMG Nashville 201412-10-20145th-6th$0Aware Gaming
GhostsUMG Dallas 201424-08-20144th$0Strictly Business
GhostsMLG CoD League 2014 Season 3 Play-In22-06-201417th-24th$0Strictly Business
GhostsUGC Niagara 201404-05-20146th$0Strictly Business
GhostsUMG Philadelphia 201405-01-20147th-8th$0FaZe Clan
GhostsMLG Fall Championship 201324-11-201313th-16th$0SoaR Gaming
BO2UMG Dallas 201320-10-20132nd$5,000SoaR Gaming
BO2MLG PAX Prime Invitational 201302-09-20135th$0SoaR Gaming
BO2UMG Atlanta 201313-10-20134th$0SoaR Gaming
BO2MLG Spring Championship 201330-06-20135th-6th$2,300FaZe Clan
BO2MLG Winter Championship 201317-03-20137th-8th$1,200SoaR Gaming
MW3UMG Fort Lee 201229-07-20123rd$0Nova Nation
MW3NJ Halo Codzilla 201220-05-20121stN/AvD



Team History

  • Toronto Ultra - Loony, Methodz, Brack, MeTTalZ (October 2019 - Present)
  • UYU -  Proto, Mayhem, Knight, Parzelion, Blazt, Royalty, Classic, Phantomz, Saints (January 2019 - September 2019)
  • G2 Esports - Blazt, Chino, Decemate, Lacefield (December 2018 - January 2019)
  • FaZe Clan - ZooMaa, Attach, Crowder, Priestahh (October - December 2018)
  • OpTic Gaming - Scump, Crimsix, Octane (May - October 2018)
  • Team Kaliber - Accuracy, Kenny, Fero (April - May 2018)
  • Rise Nation - Loony, TJHaLy, Gunless (December 2017 - April 2018)
  • Next Threat - Censor, Ricky, Nagafen (November - December 2017)
  • Echo Fox - Neslo, TcM, Mosh, LlamaGod, Swarley, ColeChan, Sender, Diabolic, MRuiz, Crowder (November 2016 - August 2017)
  • Corn - Blfire, TcM, TwiZz (August 2016)
  • Most Wanted - Blfire, Examples, Censor, TcM, TwiZz (August 2016)
  • Primed - (June - July 2016)
  • CLG - Blfire, FeLo, CMPLX, Happy, Spacely, PRPLXD, Accuracy (December 2015 - June 2016)
  • Denial Esports - (November 2015)
  • Team JusTus - Octane, TcM, Lawless (January 2015 - April 2015)
  • SYNRGY Gaming - FeLo, TcM, MBoZe (2015)
  • Elevate - TcM, Heist, Jump (2014)
  • Aware Gaming - Baker, TcM, Jump (September - October 2014)
  • Strictly Business - John, StaiNViLLe, Spacely, Spacely, PHiZZURP (2014)
  • Team Kaliber - Sharp, Goonja, Apathy (April 2014)
  • Curse Youth -  Attach, Realize, Chino, Shock, Strife (January 2014 - April 2014)
  • FaZe Clan - Crowder, Classic, JKap (2014)
  • SoaR Gaming - Heist, StaiNViLLe, Realize, Saints, Whea7s (2013)
  • FaZe Clan - Heist, Crowder, MBoZe (2013)
  • SoaR Gaming -  Fluff, FunK, Mosh, Lawless MBoZe (2012-2013)
  • Nova Nation - Blfire, Doubt, Saint (2012)


Methodz's History

Modern Warfare 3

Despite starting to compete in Modern Warfare 2, Methodz would make his LAN debut during the MW3 season, appearing at NJ Halo Codzilla 2012 on vD with Scump, NaDeSHoT and Blfire.

The squad won the event beating Collapse in the Grand Final.

Methodz would go on to compete in one more event that year (UMG Fort Lee 2012) where he placed third.


Black Ops 2

Methodz spent a large portion of his Black Ops 2 season with Soar Gaming and his worst placing during the year was a top eight at the MLG Winter Championship 2013.

His best placement was second at his final event of the year at UMG Dallas - he won $5,000.


The year started off with Methodz under SoaR Gaming, playing next to Heist, Saint and Whea7s - the team didn't stay together long after a top sixteen finish at the MLG Winter Championship 2012.

A brief stint on FaZe Clan rewarded him with another top-eight finish, before settling on Strictly Business.

UGC Niagra was the first event for Methodz with John, StaiNViLLe, Spacely and they finished to six. The next two events they fell to a disappointing top twenty-four finish.


His last event was with Aware Gaming, finishing top twelve at UMG Nashville.


Advanced Warfare

Methodz took a break from competing during the first jetpack Call of Duty game, only attending two events.

His first event was MLG Columbus Open 2014 - he teamed with TcM, Heist and Jump under Elevate placing top thirty-two.

The second event was UMG Orlando 2015 - he teamed with FeLo, TcM and MBoZe under SYNRGY Gaming placing top six.

Black Ops 3


The Black Ops 3 season saw Methodz join CLG, apart from a second place at ETG 11, there was little to shout about.

Methodz was now eligible to compete in the CWL and attend his first COD Champs - where he placed top twenty-four with Most Wanted.

Infinite Warfare

Methodz joined Echo Fox in the new season and got off to a hot start with a top sixteen finish at Las Vegas.

However, they could never recover their form as they placed top thirty-two and top twenty-eight twice.

Once again he made it to COD Champs, once again placing top twenty-four.



WWII was where the young veteran got a real break within the scene.

Methodz began on Next Threat with Censor, Ricky and Nagafen. Their opening event at Las Vegas ended in a top sixteen finish, after making it through the open bracket.

They placed fourth at the Northern Arena Showdown, to the shock of many and Methodz received wide praise for his performances in respawn game modes.

His display resulted in a call up from Echo Fox, who tried to resign him, but he ended up joining Rise.

Loony, TJHaly and Gunless got off to a good start, placing third at New Orleans.

They then went on to place first at Atlanta - ending Methodz winning drought of almost six years.

The team even placed top of their Pro League division and third at CWL Birmingham.


Methodz made a brief appearance for Team Kaliber at Seattle, where they placed top six, before joining OpTic Gaming for the rest of the season.

The team won their Pro League division, but couldn't get past a top eight at the playoffs and had a poor showing at COD Champs; finishing top twenty-four.

Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 saw Methodz settle with UYU after failing to qualify for the Pro League with G2 Esports.

UYU rarely made the headlines during the season, their best placement came at the Playoffs; placing top four.

Their COD Champs run came to an end with a top twenty-four placing - Methodz has never made it past the top twenty-four stage in COD Champs and has finished here for all four events he has attended.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91