Warzone Week 8: 'New Threats' Intel Mission Guide And Locations

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The 'Sins of the Father' Intel Mission showed us how Zakhaev's son aims to complete what his father started.

This week we'll be completing 'New Threats', which is likely related to the new Season 6 lore that will arrive next week.


With Black Ops Cold War edging closer, we will get a better look at the relationship between Zakhaev and Perseus.

Here's how to complete the new intel mission.

New Threats Intel Mission Guide

There are six intel locations this week, distributed in various locations around Verdansk.

You can complete one mission per match and it can be complete in both Battle Royale and Plunder.

Intel 1 - Ghost Coin (rewards 2,500 XP)

Find the location in the message Ghost sent you.


Head to the Farmland at H6, the same place as the flag in Ground War, the coin is sat on top of a sack under the windmill.

Intel 2 - Backpack (rewards 5,000 XP)

ARM 3-1 left intel at a camp site...

The clue will tell you to go east of the stadium at a campsite.

Head to the hill, that's behind one of the bunkers to the north-west of stadium. The hill intersects between G5 and G7!


Intel 3 - Documents (rewards 5,000 XP)

Z and Persues wanted more power...

The clue will hint to take you to the Verdansk Dam. Head to the main office at C2, below the huge dam itself, which contains the generators.

Head to the back with all the servers and computer terminals, as you enter the room the intel will be sat on a desk to the immediate right.

Intel 4 - Gold Coin (rewards 5,000 XP)

A sketch could provide a monumental clue...


The sketch is a drawing of the monument located to the south of the Park in F8.

Head to the very front of the monument and you'll see a sign for the monument with Russian text, as well as '1941' and '1945' on it.

On top of the sign, in between the numbers, you'll spot a gold coin.

Intel 5 - TV (rewards 5,000 XP)

Find the source of back up power...

Head back to the monument at F8, inside a container/office to the left of the monument will be a TV.


Intel 6 - Computer Terminal (rewards 5,000 XP)

Power is being re-routed from a nearby bunker...

Finally, the intel clue will tell you the bunker power is offline for Bunker 10.

Once again, head back to the Monument at F8. Head left of the monument and down the hill/slope and you'll find some bunker doors near the road.

The code to open the doors is 60274513.

Head left and and go up to the computer terminal to activate the rocket.


Intel 7 - Rocket

A threat revealed...

Once you've completed the intel missions, you will get a picture of a rocket (that you will have seen in Bunker 10, setting up for a juicy ending to Warzone in the Modern Warfare era.