Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 4: AN-94 Assault Rifle Found In Game Files

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The AN-94 has been found in the game files (pre-season 4) and could make an appearance in the new season as it sets up for the COD 2020 reveal.

Black Ops Cold War, the rumoured title name for the next Call of Duty, is due to be revealed soon.

Most Call of Duty games in the past have teed up the next title in the franchise with in-game nods and teasers - perhaps the AN-94 is involved this time around?


AN-94 In Modern Warfare

Before Season 4 launched, the AN-94 had been found in the game files and it was rumoured that the new game will be tied to its arrival.

With the PS5 reveal going on tonight, many are expecting it to be shown off for the first time here.

But as we countdown the hours to the big show, rumours started to circulate that it won't be shown in this event. According to leakers, the new COD was tied to the Season 4 update and with it being delayed, it has made it difficult to unveil the next game.

Fortunately, we will still get a reveal - just at a later date.

More evidence has popped up today from @JrrizzoYT who has found files for the weapon.

Photo via @JrrizzoYT

Of course, the AN-94 was first introduced in Black Ops 2 as a futuristic successor to the AK-74 series of rifles.

With the rumours suggesting the next game will tie into the Black Ops universe, it makes sense why this weapon is popping up.