Warzone Players Unable To Unlock ‘Pumpkin Punisher’ Blueprint, Infinity Ward Reveals Workaround

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The Haunting of Verdansk event on Call of Duty: Warzone is underway!

The limited-time event has bought Halloween to the streets of Verdansk, with a range of new game modes, new cosmetic items and terrifying jump-scares in supply crates.


To celebrate Halloween, Warzone developer Infinity Ward has introduced a Trick or Treat event where a total of 16 exclusive cosmetic items can be earned by searching supply crates in a number of locations on the map.

Once all 16 items have been found, players can unlock the legendary ‘Pumpkin Punisher’ blueprint for the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle.

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Plenty of players have managed to secure all the goodies up for grabs but are unable to unlock this blueprint, much to their annoyance.


The ‘Pumpkin Punisher’ is arguably one of the best-looking blueprints that has been added to Warzone in recent times.

While many players can’t get their hands on the blueprint, Multiplayer Design Director at Infinity Ward Joe Cecot has revealed that there is a workaround which will unlock the blueprint.

Pumpkin Punisher Bug Fix

There is a workaround to the bug


Rather than stating that a fix will be applied before the end of the event, Cecot suggested that players that have yet to receive the blueprint to repeat the process.

This isn’t exactly the answer players were looking for but for those desperate to get their hands on the blueprint before the event ends, it may be worth dropping back into Verdansk and doing it all again.

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While some may be annoyed at having to repeat the process of opening supply crates, those that don’t want to won’t have to wait very long to receive the blueprint.


Cecot also confirmed that the post-Halloween update will reward everyone that completed the event with the blueprint!

It’s likely that the update will go live at some point in November meaning patience may be the key if you don’t fancy completing the event for a second time.