Warzone Season 6: PC Bug Gives Players 'Wall Hacks' And Allows Them To Track Opponents Through Walls

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Warzone has been experiencing a number of bugs and errors recently.

It's fair to say Season 6 has brought a few issues to the game on its release.


It was only recently that PS4 players were met with a blue error screen and were unable to play the game.

Today, another PC bug was posted to Reddit that has some serious game-breaking consequences.

Bug Gives Players 'Wall Hacks' With Scopes

A PC bug has been posted to Reddit that allows a player to track an opponent through a wall.


The post was made by Dustinthemighty and shows him using the Kar98k.

Although it's difficult to see in the video, there's a slight glint in Dustin's scope where the opponent is walking behind the wall.

Check out the video below:

New bug shows enemy movements through walls.

Dustin has stated the glint is difficult to see on the video but is a lot more obvious in-game.


One commenter on the Reddit thread has stated the bug has been around for a while.

Another stated they believe it is linked to Dustin's NVIDIA GPU.

However, these are just theories and they have not been confirmed.

Whatever the reason for the bug is, it has to be fixed.


A bug like this can be extremely frustrating and could see innocent players getting banned.

Let's hope Activision can find a solution and get the bug patched as soon as possible.

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