Warzone: Cosmetics May Be Permanently Removed

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We're a week from the launch of Black Ops Cold War and the Call of Duty community couldn't be more excited.

Activision has finally released a blog post that details progression for their titles going forward and how it all connects together.


Obviously, Warzone is the most important one of the bunch as it's currently integrated with Modern Warfare and will soon collaborate with Black Ops Cold War.

While there was a lot of exciting prospects, like a universal progressions system across all these titles, there was some unfortunate news too.

Warzone Cosmetics To Be Removed

In the blog post, Activision touch on how the first few season of Black Ops Cold War cosmetics and content will be included in Warzone.


However, it was highlighted that in the future some of these cosmetics could be "temporarily or permanently" removed to match Warzone's future story.

Ultimately, let's hope you weren't too attached to those cosmetics you spent money on because you may not get to keep them...

Many users were irate about this "bruh moment" and questioned why they spent $20 on a SAW pack (as part of the recent 'Haunting of Verdansk' event).

It's a bit of a cruel move considering many were under the impression that these cosmetics will stay accessible into the future.


Going forward, these cosmetics will clearly be labelled so you don't accidentally purchase something that won't be usable in Warzone.

While it's unsurprising, it's still a bit of a kick in the teeth if you've become attached to a particular cosmetic.

Perhaps it's not as bad as we assume and a lot of cosmetics will be removed based on their lack of popularity?

It will certainly cause players to think twice about what they purchase.