Warzone Season 4: 200 Players Limited Time Mode Coming To Warzone In Patch 1.23

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The population of Verdansk is growing as games will soon feature 200 players as a surprise adjustment for Season 4 of Warzone.

Originally the game was intending to feature 200 players at launch but was delayed, most likely due to complications with getting it live.

200 Player Warzone Lobbies

For a limited time, games will feature 200 players comprising of 50 squads.

It's looking like the chaotic battle royale just got a bit more hectic - first being confirmed on the official Twitter page before the mid-season update was revealed


Modern Warfare 4 Season 4 Reloaded is more than just a weapon tuning update and brings a ton of new content.

We'll have all of the latest patch notes for update 1.23 right here.

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