Modern Warfare Season 6: Activision Devs Are Investigating PS4 Blue Screen Error After Season 6 Update

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Modern Warfare and Warzone'sSeason 6 update has arrived!

Well, it has for some players at least.

For others, the new content will have wait as an error screen for PlayStation 4 is preventing players from opening the game.


Activision Are Investigating PlayStation 4 Blue Error Screen

The latest Season 6 update is causing issues for a lot of PlayStation 4 players.

A number of players are receiving a blue error screen when attempting to launch the game.

The blue screen displays a 'CE-3487-0' error code.

This has been disappointing for a lot of Call of Duty fans who were looking to jump into the new Season right away.

Reportedly, the error is also affecting some PC players as well.

Activision has confirmed they are aware of the issue tweeting:


"We're actively investigating an issue where some players are experiencing crashes after the update in #ModernWarfare and #Warzone. Stay tuned for updates."

Unfortunately, Activision has not stated when we can expect a fix, so players are left in the dark for now.

However, as these are the opening days of the new Season, we can imagine Activision are doing everything they can to get players in-game.

In order to stay updated on Activision's progress fixing the issue, check out official support Twitter page.

Let's hope it gets fixed as soon as possible and players can jump into Season 6.

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