MW2 Campaign Remastered: Spec Ops Not Included

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One of the greatest features included in the historic Modern Warfare 2 game was Spec Ops and many would be hoping to see it return in the MW2 Campaign Remastered.

Unfortunately, those hoping to see this innovative co-op and split-screen experience return may be disappointed.

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

Will There Be Spec Ops In MW2 Campaign Remastered?

No, Spec Ops does not feature in the MW2 Campaign Remastered.

It's a very disappointing turn of events, especially considering how popular the mode was and how this year's Modern Warfare equivalent (although ambitious) hasn't hit the mark.

Especially when you are expected to part ways with £20 for a single player game you've played before.

Perhaps it will arrive at a later date with a MW2 Remastered multiplayer mode.

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