Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 14th September - Shoot The Ship, Gunfight Face Off Moshpit, New Bundles And Ground War Reinfected

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The recent multiplayer reveal for Black Ops Cold War has fans very excited for the upcoming title.

The countdown for the upcoming title's release has begun.


However, there's still plenty of content keep you busy over the next few months.

Let's check out what's coming our way and what you can look forward to this week.

Shoot The Ship

The Shoot The Ship Playlist continues!

The fan favourite playlist offers non-stop action and fast-paced gameplay.

Make the most of this exciting playlist while it lasts.


Courtesy of Activision

Gunfight Face-Off Moshpit

Standard multiplayer modes like Cranked and Grind will be available.

You'll need to utilise a communication and tactical gameplay to succeed.

The action will take place on smaller battlegrounds, providing fast-paced and tight gameplay.

Jump in with a few friends and try and secure some wins.


Courtesy of Activision

New Bundles

Tracer Pack Anime Super’ Bundle

  • This bundle will offer three blueprints, a riot shield a melee weapon and two legendary weapons.

Alex: Death Stalker Bundle

  • This bundle includes two legendary blueprints that offer completely silenced loadouts to eliminate opponents from the shadows.

Courtesy of Activision


Ground War Reinfected

Push back the horde and avoid the infected in Ground War Reinfected.

This large scale infected mode forces you and your team to play together to survive.

If you're caught by the infected there's no need to worry.

You'll join the infected horde and get your chance to take down the remaining players.


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