Modern Warfare and Warzone: How To Get The Season 6 Combat Pack On PlayStation 4

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Modern Warfare and Warzone fans on PlayStation 4 can once again redeem some free goodies.

As part of Sony's exclusivity arrangement with Activision, players can snag a bundle through PlayStation Plus until December 1, 2020.


Here's how and what's in it.

Warzone Season Six Combat Pack

As per the PlayStation Blog:

  • Epic Rodion ‘Red Death’ skin (This skin unlocks the Operator, if not already owned)
  • Epic ‘Shivvie’ Melee Weapon
  • Epic ‘Slipshod’ Handgun Weapon Blueprint
  • Epic ‘Ball and Chain’ Charm
  • Epic ‘Don’t Back Down’ Calling Card
  • Epic ‘Gulag’ Emblem
  • Epic ‘Inside Job’ Sticker
  • 60 Minute Double XP Token

There's also a new weapon chain that'll unlock the Tide Pool weapon blueprint.

"A sniper designed for players who lock down lanes in Multiplayer and can eliminate squads escaping the circle collapse in Warzone. The blueprint is earned in a five-step mission set, found in Missions, that requires use of multiple weapon classes and in-match skills. The weapon has a shorter barrel than other sniper rifles but can still go the distance thanks to a quality scope. Build a complete loadout with an agile and strong-secondary like the GS or Renetti and perks that help you withstand damage like Battle Hardened and EOD until the job is done."


The Tide Pool looks as sleek as it is deadly

How To Unlock The Combat Pack

Unlike prior packs, you won't find this one tucked away in the PlayStation Store.

As per the PlayStation blog, "download the pack by going to the Franchise section of the Store and scroll down to the Miscellaneous section".


Don't worry, it's free, and will allow you to unlock all of the above goodies!