Modern Warfare And Warzone: SAW And Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bundles Being Added

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Halloween is approaching and developers are beginning to add spooky and scary cosmetics into their games.

Halloween themed skins are often some of the most interesting and unique cosmetics.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone appear to be following the trend.

Dataminers have discovered two new bundles that have been added to the game files.

It's fair to say their theme and design has everyone very excited.

SAW And Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bundles Added To Game Files

Dataminers have recently discovered two new bundles in the game files of Modern Warfare and Warzone.


The two bundles each have a separate theme.

One is based on SAW and the other revolves around Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Each of the bundles includes weapon skins, a sticker, a calling card, a spray and one even has a vehicle skin.

Check out what's included in each bundle below:


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Courtesy of @CharlieINTEL



Courtesy of @CharlieINTEL

It's certainly going to catch you off-guard in-game when Billy runs around the corner trying to kill you.

It's always great to see crossovers in games, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

Let's hope we get more crossovers with popular films for skins in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.



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