Modern Warfare And Warzone: How To Unlock The JAK-12 Shotgun

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Modern Warfare and Warzone has just had its 1.28 update go live, in between the Black Ops Cold War beta weekends.

With this update, the long-awaited JAK-12 shotgun was added to the game; the reincarnated AA-12 from the original Modern Warfare trilogy.


It's a good time to be a Call of Duty fan as there is no shortage of content at the moment.

So how do you unlock this weapon? Here's how.

How To Unlock The JAK-12 Shotgun In Modern Warfare And Warzone

This is a fully automatic open bolt shotgun with a recoil-reducing gas blowback system. This combat shotgun unloads high volumes of lead down range at a steady rate.


To unlock the JAK-12 shotgun the challenge is relatively simple and doesn't require too much work.

To unlock this weapon you will need to achieve 3 Hipfire Kills using Shotguns in 7 different matches.

GOT YOUR BACK JAK: The AA-12 is reborn and can now be unlocked


So, you will need to make full use of the weapons available to you.

If you're playing Modern Warfare, you should be able to use any of your favourite shotguns including the Model 680, R9-0 Shotgun and the Origin 12.

But, if you're playing Warzone, we would suggest using the Origin 12 in Plunder Quads.

Overall, you'll want to equip attachments that increase the damage range and increase hipe fire accuracy.


It's also worth running perks such as Double Time, Ghost and Tracker. This will speed up your movement, keep you hidden from UAVs and help you track down enemies.

We also advise equipping smokes so that you can cover large open areas unseen.

It can be unlocked at any level as well, so you can jump straight into it.