Modern Warfare: Village Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

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The release of Season 3 in Modern Warfare is right around the corner and another hit of nostalgia awaits us!

Thanks to a recent leak, players will see two classic maps make a return to Modern Warfare – Backlot from CoD4 and Village from Modern Warfare 3.

Village is the first map from Modern Warfare 3 that is to make an appearance on Modern Warfare and it is expected that more maps, from the final instalment of the original trilogy, will return.

In this article, find out everything you need to know about Village, including key hotspots, objective locations, recommended classes and some top tips on how to play the map.

Map Overview

Modern Warfare Village Map Guide
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Objective Locations


Modern Warfare Village Guide
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Image courtesy of IGN

Search & Destroy

Modern Warfare Village Map Guide
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This area of the map is a haven for long-range engagements, perfect for assault rifles and snipers to pick people that hover around the central chokepoint of the map.

The cave is also very dark, making it very difficult to spot any players hiding in the darkness. Keep your eyes peeled for the glare from a sniper scope that may have spotted you.



The bridge is almost always an action-packed area of the map, particularly in Domination as it is the home of the B flag.

It is very easy to get pinched from both sides of the bridge, making it an extremely difficult area of the map to maintain control of.

Be aware of the spawns flipping. It will allow you to pre-empt where the opposition could be coming from but it is still very tricky to stay alive for a prolonged period of time in this area.


There are plenty of corners and crafty camping spots for players to stay hidden in which can be perfect for catching out more aggressive players but equally as annoying if you are on the receiving end of them.

When holding down this area of the map, your class selection is the key to success, with so many different weapons able to make a huge impact.

With two main entrances to the village, it is possible to get pinned in but if you’re in the right position, you can rack up a high number of kills with ease.


How to Play

Total Darkness

Stay hidden in the cave with either a sniper rifle of AR at your disposal. Equip Shrapnel as your third perk so you can have two claymores place at the top entrances of the cave so you can prevent any flankers ruining your killstreak.

Running & Gunning

The village area lends itself to close-quarters engagements. Equip Double Time as your first perk, in order to increase the length of your tactical sprint, giving you the mobility to catch any campers off guard.

It’s best to use a shotgun with plenty of attachments to deal maximum damage at close range but also at longer distances too.


Something Different

With such a variety of sightlines and opportunities for a gunfight, you can really use some unorthodox loadouts to take down your opponents on this map.

Hold down the middle of the map with an LMG complete with a large magazine at the exit of the village to prevent any enemy getting access to the middle of the map, causing plenty of chaos along the way.

Recommended Classes