Modern Warfare: Hovec Sawmill Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

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Season 3 of Modern Warfare is now live across all platforms and one of the brand-new maps released is the Hovec Sawmill.



In this article, find a comprehensive guide to the new map, including key hotspots, objective locations, how to play the map and some handy tips and tricks to give you the upper hand on the enemy team

Map Overview

Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill map guide


Objective Locations


Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill guide

Search & Destroy

Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill walkthrough


Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill map walkthrougn

Cyber Attack

Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill map guide

Key Hotspots


Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill locations

The burning sawmill is the largest building on the map and is a frequent place of action thanks to its location and several sightlines that can be utilised from this particular position.


With several entrances to the building, it can be difficult for one team to keep control of the building, making utility selection and usage extremely important if you want to keep hold of it!

Use claymores and proximity mines to cover a few of the entrances, allowing you to overlook the middle of the map and the few remaining entrances that don’t have any form of deterrent.

Mess Hall

Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill best spots

The mess hall is another building that offers excellent lines of sight of the northern side of the map, making it great for snipers to easily pick off enemies.


It is important to be aware of the flank through the middle alley when inside this building as it is possible to enter the rear of the building without barging through the doors so there is a high possibility for a sneak attack.


Modern Warfare Hovec Sawmill callouts

With four beehives in the middle of this open area of the map, there is a minimal amount of cover making every single engagement key if you are to stay alive in this area.

There are only three possible ways to access this point on the map, making it easy for a team to control, especially in objective game modes such as Hardpoint and Headquarters.

Access to the roof of the building provides more solid sightlines to the western side of the map, potentially allowing you and your team to set up a nasty spawn trap that can be difficult to escape.



How to Play

With so many different and viable strategies to achieve on this map, it can sometimes be difficult to choose a style of play effective for you and to counter what the opposing team are doing. Here are three ways that guarantee success on this map.

1)     Aggression

The narrow alleyways and minimal amounts of open space on the map make rushing around the map with a quick-firing weapon a very effective strategy on Hovec Sawmill. Players can easily acquire a high number of kills by roaming the map and taking down anyone that stands in their way.

Be aware of enemy equipment when sprinting around a corner or entering a building. It can be very easy to be taken out by a claymore and you wouldn’t want one of those stopping your rampage.

2)     Passive

Passive play can be equally as effective as rushing around the map. The upper windows of the Mess Hall are a great place to wait patiently for your opponents to stray into your crosshairs for an easy kill.


The key to success when playing passively is to relocate every now and again so the enemy doesn’t catch on to where you are hiding.

3)     Quick-Scope King

The narrow areas of the map lend themselves for snipers to hit some insane shots, filling the killfiled with headshot after headshot after headshot after headshot (you get the idea)

To pull off this tactic, make sure that your sniper of choice is equipped with attachments to increase the aim down sight speed to its maximum and attempt to predict where the enemy team are spawning. This will enable you to move into a position to deal maximum impact!

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