Modern Warfare Season 5: Boneyard Map Guide Preview - A Brand New 6v6 Map In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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The latest Ground War map to arrive in Season 2 of Modern Warfare is 'Zhokov Boneyard'.

Boneyard is, of course, a remastered MW2 classic and the home of infamous MW2 map Scrapyard (which was recently added to COD Mobile Season 3).

It's been rumoured for a long time that this map would make its way to multiplayer and was first spoken about before launch, as it was found in the PC beta files.

What Can We Learn About Boneyard From The Season 2 Trailer?

The massive 64-player mode which offers vehicles and objective-based combat is getting a new map called Boneyard.

With the level set in an aeroplane graveyard of sorts, there looks like plenty of cover and hiding places amongst the ruins of aircraft.

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It also looks as though there’s a larger structure to one side of the map which could be an ideal perch for sniping from.

As it’s Ground War, expect plenty of vehicular action too, and it looks as though there will be a chance for exciting jumps and stunts if the trailer is to be believed.

boneyard modern warfare season 2 map
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For the main bulk of the map, it looks as though the downed planes and various cargo containers will funnel players into each other.

When factoring in tanks and other armoured units, things could get hectic very quickly in the middle of the map.

The map should suit all playstyles and weapons, but it doesn't seem like there will be many places to camp - good news all around.

One thing that we're keen to understand is whether Scrapyard will appear as a standalone map! When Port of Verdansk released, it came with a Vacant placed in it.

Boneyard features Scrapyard inside it and it would certainly answer why there are so few maps set for Season 2 at present.



Release Date

Zhokov Boneyard is confirmed as a day one map for Season 2. 

Don’t worry though, we’ll be updating this post as soon as we get to explore the map ourselves, so we recommend bookmarking it.

Finally, why not check out the Season 2 Battle Pass to see what kind of cosmetic goodies you’ll be earning as you battle your way across the Boneyard.