Modern Warfare Season 2 Spec Ops: New Missions DLC Coming To The New Season?

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Season 2 of Modern Warfare has arrived and fans are hyped for a new wave of content.

Recently, the new season's trailer LEAKED as well as an Activision blog post has divulged an abundance of new information.


What either of them didn't do is reveal any Spec Ops information. Season 1 came with 5 new Spec Ops missions alone and it's unknown if Season 2 will receive any - so will there be new missions?

Will There Be New Spec Ops Mission In Season 2?

To put it simply - we don't know. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

The game's story picks up in Spec Ops after the campaign ends, and Season 1 already added some fresh ways to play.


If you're new to Spec-Ops, these missions take place in huge regions and allow players to squad-up with friends to complete various objectives as a team.


Season 1 added a night-time raid, a mission revolving around disarming a bomb, and more.

That means that while the leaked Season 2 trailer hasn't revealed anything about Spec-Ops yet, it might be due sometime after the initial release of Season 2.


In fact, clever Redditors have posited that the regions link up with the massive Ground War battlefields to form an entire Battle Royale map. You can check the image out below.