Call of Duty Modern Warfare GLITCH – Perks not working in multiplayer, new patch needed?

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Call of Duty fans might be waiting for the constantly-leaked Battle Royale to land on consoles and PC, but in the meantime, it looks like Infinity Ward has fresh concerns.

The February 19th update for Modern Warfare addressed some bugs and glitches that affected various elements of the game including the new Regiment tags, exploits within the CDL Gunsmith and an issue where the Killchain Perk was not working as intended.


Since the update, many players have found that some perks such as High Alert and Quick Fix haven't been performing as they should.

When using Quick Fix, players can increase the speed of health regeneration by scoring a kill or capturing an objective but the above image shows the red screen just after a player has scored a kill when Quick Fix is equipped.

Another Redditor has posted about the possibility of EOD not functioning when equipped as a specialist perk while another user has had problems using Cold Blooded and Battle Hardened.

It looks like these issues only occur when the Perks are selected as part of the Specialist perks, something that can be selected instead of killstreaks. Nonetheless, Perks not functioning properly is a serious issue and one that developer Infinity Ward should be working quickly to fix before these exploits become the norm. Hopefully, these fixes can be implemented into the game via a hotfix or another downloadable patch.