Modern Warfare Season 2 Campaign: Will The New Season Feature Any New Content For Single-Player

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Modern Warfare Season 2 has arrived, and there's a ton of content for many of the online services.

But what if you're not into the online aspect of Modern Warfare? What if you want more gritty adventures with Captain Price?


Although the leaked trailer for Season 2 had no campaign details included, could there be new content for the single-player mode?

Will Season 2 Have New Campaign Missions?

If you're a solo player looking for any new missions to undertake, you're likely to be disappointed.

That's because once you finish the campaign of Modern Warfare, that's it. There's been no additional content for the campaign mode since launch.


Season 1 didn't bring anything and it's likely it will be the same for Season 2 - the story does, however, continues as part of Spec Ops mode.


Of course, you could just try and jump into the game's harder difficulty settings, but as far as single-player content goes the campaign is a "one and done" kind of experience – although some missions encourage replayability.

So, if you're invested in the storyline of the fresh reboot, don't expect a "Mile High Club" mission like the one that bookended original back in 2007; but that doesn't mean Spec-Ops isn't worth your time.


With multiple objective-based missions taking place in sizeable areas, Spec Ops might be just what you're looking for. Just bring a friend, as it can get tough on higher difficulties!