Modern Warfare Season 5: Bazaar Map Guide Tips And Tricks In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Bazaar is the latest Gunfight map to be added to the ever-expanding map pool. It is the second Gunfight map to be introduced in Season Two of Modern Warfare.

The map itself is entirely symmetrical, meaning it is all about positioning and picking the opportune moment to make a play to get the upper hand on the opposition.


For the uninitiated, Gunfight is a 2v2 multiplayer mode with short rounds - making quick movement and speedy kills the order of the day.

Map Layout

There are plenty of places to mount your weapon on Bazaar, allowing you to be patient and wait for the opponents to push.

If you fancy being the aggressor, choose between the left and the right alleyways to get to the opposite side of the map quickly or if you’re feeling particularly brave, head straight down the middle to catch the enemy by surprise!


Objective Location

The Overtime flag sits in the middle of the bridge that links the left and right sides of the map. The best way to secure control of the flag is to go prone to utilise the small amount of cover that the bridge provides.


How to Play

1)     Patience


Rather than run straight into the enemy, wait for them to come to you. Find a corner to mount your weapon on and wait until they stumble into your crosshair for an easy kill.

2)     Play for Picks

Thanks to the small gaps in the walls on the insides of the map, there are plenty of crafty sightlines that can be used to grab an early kill with a sniper or marksman rifle. A kill in the opening stages of the round from finding that cheeky angle can often be the difference from a win and a loss from rushing in all guns blazing.

3)     All Guns Blazing


Sometimes, an all-out rush into the oncoming enemy can pay off. It is a big risk but one that can certainly pay off if the opposition is opting for a more passive strategy. Choose between sprinting straight down the middle or creating a pinch with one player going down the left and the other down the right.