Modern Warfare Season 5: Atlas Superstore Map Guide With Tips And Tricks

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Atlas Superstore is one of the new maps revealed for Season 2 in Modern Warfare thanks to the most recent trailer, which was later confirmed in a Call of Duty Twitter post

Although Modern Warfare has opted to remaster many classic maps, this is one unique map that many will be happy to see.


Many maps have been criticised for promoting slow gameplay and a camping playstyle - it appears Season 2 is hell-bent on rectifying that!

Release Date

Atlas Superstore is confirmed as a day one map for Season 2.

In any case, we’ll be updating this guide as soon as we get our boots on the ground. Just be sure to bookmark this page.

Thinking of jumping back into Modern Warfare? If this map doesn’t interest you, then maybe the new Battle Pass will.

Map Guide

We will show you the best power positions, the best styles of play to use, the best weapon loadouts and some crafty hiding spots to give you the upper hand over the opposition!


The Map

Atlas Superstore is certainly not your standard, three-lane Call of Duty map which to some extent, is rather disappointing but nonetheless, there is plenty of fun to be had on this map.

Consisting of numerous chokepoints ideal for close-quarters combat, the map aims to bring back some of the action-packed gameplay that went missing with the introduction of the bigger maps in the game.

With all the confined spaces ideal for sub-machine gunners and shotgunners, the northern and southern sides of the map are great for Assault Rifle (AR) players to lock down and eliminate enemies at range with ease.

Located around the map, there are a number of small ledges which gives players a slight height advantage in the middle of the map but if you want to view a larger section of the map, the office windows at the east and western sides of the map allows you to see the majority of the map, making it perfect for ARs and even a sniper rifle.


Objective Locations


With A and C located at the Allegiance and Coalition spawns, the placement of the B flag is a bit strange considering it normally features in the centre of the map.

With B at the southern side of the map, there is a lot of potential for players to go straight down the middle to either A or C, completely ignoring B.


B looks to be difficult to hold due to its open location. Smokes and trophy systems will be the way forward to secure it successfully

Search & Destroy

The A and B bombsites don't appear to favour the attacking or defending sides too much. B appears to be the easiest site to attack, throwing a smoke towards the alley to block any push to get the bomb down safely.


Does it have the potential to be added into the Call of Duty League map pool? We will have to wait and see.

Cyber Attack

This map looks like it could be a lot of fun for Cyber Attack. With numerous routes to take the bomb to throw the enemy off the scent and a huge potential for a rapid counter attack, the layout of the map lends itself to some fast and furious objective gameplay.


The Aisles

The long, open aisles that connect the middle of the map to the other areas is the area where the vast majority of the action takes place.

It’s important to equip a fast-firing and mobile weapon to achieve maximum success in this particular area of the map.

The Offices

The open windows that can be found in the offices are one of the only places where players can see a large section of the map, making it a hotly contested area for players wanting to use an AR or a sniper rifle.

Once control of the area has been secured, place some proximity mines and claymores to deter any further attack from the enemy.


This area of the map is where a large wooden platform can be accessed to overlook the middle of the map, perfect for picking off enemies looking to cross to the opposing side of the map.

Equip deployable cover as a field upgrade to place at the front of the platform to block any incoming fire from the middle of the map.



How to Play

1)     Use the blind spots – Above and below a lot of the shelves that can be found in the middle of the map are spaces that you can move through. Use them to sneak up on an opponent or to escape some of the frenetic action that often takes place in the central aisles.

2)     Don’t use aerial killstreaks – The majority of the map is covered by a roof, rendering all aerial killstreaks useless! Select some support streaks like the UAV to provide support for your team and the ground-based Wheelson to deal some damage inside the superstore.

Recommended Weapons