Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Spec Ops: Missions That We Want To See In The New Modern Warfare

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After getting a first look at Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay, we finally got to see the weapons, game modes and maps that are set for release in Modern Warfare 2019. As the release for Modern Warfare 2019 continues to get closer, there have been several rumours circulating around the Modern Warfare 2019 Spec Ops mode.

Introduced on Modern Warfare 2 with a diverse variety of co-operative missions in tow, Spec Ops was extremely successful in giving players a gameplay experience that differed from Multiplayer, yet still maintained the feel of a Modern Warfare title. Move into 2019 and Spec Ops is making its long-awaited return to the franchise. In this article, we will be taking a look at some past missions that could make a return to Modern Warfare 2019 alongside an all-new Spec Ops experience on October 25th.


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Based on the iconic “Cliffhanger” mission from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, players had to race their snowmobiles down the side of the mountain while avoiding perilous drops, dodging trees and rocks and the oncoming enemy fire. The objective was straightforward: get to the finish line as quickly as possible in order to earn all three stars on offer. Race offered a completely different style of mission for Call of Duty and a similar mission would be a great addition to Modern Warfare 2019.


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Although there have been several campaign missions where the art of stealth is required to meet the objective, Spec Ops missions took things up a notch with several stealth missions included. Set in the Russian wilderness, players had to dodge multiple enemies and attack dogs in order to reach the other side of the forest. The potential for new and revised stealth missions from previous titles is high especially with the addition of new movement mechanics for Modern Warfare 2019.

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With co-operation the key focus for Spec Ops, Overwatch is a perfect example of needing to work well with your fellow player to achieve the objective. While one player battles through Western Russia, the other sits high in an AC130 gunship, providing air support. A new vehicle/ground mission for Modern Warfare 2019 Spec Ops would be amazing change of pace.

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Smack Town

Despite a heavy focus on the new Survival Mode for Modern Warfare 3, the Spec Ops missions still provided an excellent co-op experience. Set in an African village, players had to destroy stolen contraband and return to the helicopter to complete the mission. Wave missions gave players various options when it came to completing the mission and being able to play their own way and with a friend makes this mission one of the best; a must have mission for Modern Warfare 2019 Spec Ops.

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Last and by no means least is Hidden from Modern Warfare 2. Set in the confines of the synonymous “All Ghillied Up” mission from Call of Duty 4, the objective is to reach the extraction point taking down enemies with stealth or avoiding them altogether. With several operators that have yet to be announced for Modern Warfare 2019, maybe players could receive a bonus for completing a mission with a specific operator? Imagine unlocking a brand-new operator skin after completing a Spec Ops mission within a certain time.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95