Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Spec Ops: Everything We Know About This Co-Op Mode In The New Call Of Duty on PS4, PC and Xbox One

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare's Spec Ops will once again feature in the Call of Duty franchise, debuting in Modern Warfare 2, players had the chance to experience a new way to play Call of Duty - think of a hybrid between a Modern Warfare Campaign and Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

This year Spec Ops mode has been revamped and made into a standalone mode that could rival any major game release; its core can easily be compared to Tom Clancy's: The Division.


As more information is revealed, Spec Ops has been at the mercy of some disgruntled gamers as the game mode will hold an exclusivity agreement, for the 'Survival Mode', with PlayStation for one year.

Special Ops Operations and Missions expand Modern Warfare’s story; whether you and the squad are seizing Al-Qatala assets, tracking down high value targets, or infiltrating a wide variety of enemy strongholds, these operations will bring the Armistice one step closer to making the world a safer place.


Spec Ops Missions

With Season 1 launching, the following missions will be added:

  • Bomb SquadGrounded
  • Pitch Black
  • Just Reward
  • And more (TBC at a later date)

What Do We Know About Spec Ops In Modern Warfare 2019?

Mode Overview


Within Modern Warfare’s Special Ops are multiple dynamic experiences that take place on a wide variety of maps. The largest and most involved multi-stage experiences unfold across a sprawling urban environment around the city of Verdansk. These 4 player matchmade activities are known as Operations (that's right, FOUR PLAYER CO-OP)

Killstreaks from the Multiplayer Mode will be accessible in Special Ops (UAV, Airstrikers etc), as well as a number of vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, and ATVs.

Enemy forces will react to your choices in an attempt to foil your plans, whether you choose to go in quietly or guns blazing. They may deploy more soldiers via helicopters or even bring in a Juggernaut or two to wipe out your Armistice fireteam.

Locate your intel, neutralize your targets, and acquire ongoing rewards that come with accomplishing Operations and Missions.

Ways To Play

Operations: As you enter the war-torn zones within Special Ops, you and your team have full latitude on how to accomplish your Operations.


This mode is centered around interconnected experiences that take the form of objectives, each culminating in the removal or destruction of a key logistical aspect of the Al-Qatala army.

At launch, four multi-stage Operations will be available with more scheduled to come throughout the post launch seasons.


Missions: There are also additional Missions, which can be played solo or with up to four players. Whereas Operations give you the widest breadth of strategic and tactical choice, Missions are a more curated experience where your proficiency with specific weapons, killstreaks, and other tools will be tested.

These Missions are extremely replayable, and you’re able to achieve a 1, 2, or 3-star ranking based on your performance. Naturally, there will be an “Infinity Ward time” that you can attempt to beat!

Mode Cross-Progression Rewards: As you complete any of the Special Ops content, expect to receive impressive rewards for your combat expertise. Examples include additional unlockable items and equipment that can be utilized in both Multiplayer and Special Ops Modes.


Operations Prep

Operations carry over all the Operators, Loadouts, and Progress made in Multiplayer. You have access to your own preferred arsenal to carry out any and all Operations in whatever way you and your squad chooses. Bring your favored equipment, as well as your specific Operator, into the fray. Spec Ops will allow you to pick any Operator you wish.

Cross-Mode Loadouts: Next you can bring your preferred Loadouts, including your preferred Primary and Secondary Weapons, Perks, and Tactical and Lethal Equipment so you’re comfortable in this new combat zone.


Know Your Roles: Specific to Special Ops are “Roles”: Prior to dropping into play, you’re able to pick from Assault, Recon, Engineer, Demolition, Medic, and Heavy. Each role comes equipped with a Field Upgrade and a class-specific perk.

Killstreaks: Prior to beginning an Operation, you’re able to pick three types of Munitions that offer a similar effect to Killstreaks in Multiplayer Mode. Those Munition boxes aren’t part of your equipment but are rather located in a random location across the map; it’s up to you to find and utilize them, whether you’ve chosen (for example) a Precision Airstrike or a Gunship to aid you. 

All missions will be available from launch across all major platforms.


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Survival Mode

The new Special Ops Survival Mode will arrive at launch, but will be exclusive to PS4 until the 1st October 2020. The community were in uproar that a core part of the game will be segregated to be exclusive on one console, this one year exclusivity means that many will never realistically experience this feature, given that the cycle of any Call of Duty game lasts for a year. It was really announced that all DLC will be made available on all platforms at the same time.

The survival mode will operate very similar to the feature in Modern Warfare 3, fending yourself against waves of enemy AI - similar to Call of Duty Zombies, which recently released the map Tag Der Toten.

It has been confirmed that the survival mode is the only exclusive content on PS4. You can watch a small preview in the video here.



Unrelated to the Special Ops Operations and Missions is an additional wave-based horde mode known as Special Ops Survival. This is an exclusive,* additional cooperative mode for PS4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players that pits you and up to three of your friends against enemy forces in intense cooperative combat on one of three Multiplayer maps. In Special Ops Survival Mode, you will fight off waves of increasingly difficult and determined combatants in a variety of experiences. Special Ops Survival Mode is exclusive to PS4 until Oct. 1, 2020.

The mode lets you upgrade your weapons through wall buys, play with three players, and fight off wave of enemies in a horde mode style experience that is similar to Modern Warfare 3’s mode. There’s not much new in this mode beyond just having the mode back, only on PS4.

Survival mode will feature 3 maps: Aniyah Palace, Piccadilly and Raid.

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