Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019: Returning Perks That Must Be In This Year's Call Of Duty

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Throughout the Modern Warfare trilogy, there have been perks that have withstood the test of time and have even been added to other titles. Ranging from having additional bullet damage to running faster, perks offered unique abilities to get the upper hand over the opposition. We've covered maps, guns and killstreaks that should return and now it's time to look at the perks. Here are ten perks that we want to see return in Modern Warfare, releasing on October 25th.

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Marksman from Modern Warfare 3 was a must have for snipers, this gave players the ability to see the names of their enemies at distance. It was perfect on maps where player models often blended into their surroundings, making them nearly impossible to spot. Unlocking the Pro version of Marksman allowed players to hold their breath for twice the length when scoped in. With stealth looking to be a main feature on Modern Warfare, Marksman would be a welcome addition to a ghillied up sniper.


There’s nothing worse than running out of ammo when on a massive killstreak. Scavenger enabled players to gain ammo from fallen enemies, which allowed you to keep your weapon, rather than switching to another when bullets were running low. Scavenger pro gave players more clips off spawn along with the ability to pick up more off the floor. It has been a perk that has featured in in every game since Call of Duty 4 and is a perk that must return in October.

Blind Eye 

Making its debut on Modern Warfare 2, Blind Eye was ideal to avoid being taken down from a plethora of airborne killstreaks. Running a launcher with Blind Eye kept you from being targeted so you could easily take it down. Getting the Pro version gave players faster lock-on to vehicles and increased damage when shooting enemy air support. Depending on what streaks are available on Modern Warfare, this would be a necessary inclusion to combat them.

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Bomb Squad/Sitrep 

Known as Bomb Squad in Call of Duty 4 and Sitrep in Modern Warfare 3, this perk gave players the ability to detect enemy explosives. Sitrep Pro also cancelled out Dead Silence, meaning players could hear their enemies when they thought they were being sneaky. Being able to get intel on enemy explosives can lead to game-changing plays. This perk will prove very valuable if the maps we expect to return are included in this game.

Stopping Power 

Featuring on the first two Modern Warfare titles, stopping power gave a massive 40% increase in bullet damage. Modern Warfare is set to play host to a wide range of weapons, some most likely being stronger than others. Add stopping power to one of the more underpowered weapons and it could become the best in the game. It would make a welcome return to the franchise after being absent for several years.


Blast Shield 

This perk is essentially the same as Flak Jacket from the Black Ops series and gives players an increase in explosive resistance; handy for rushing through any enemy grenades. Blast shield pro also made players immune to both stun and flash grenades, making it a must-have for aggressive players that liked to face the enemy head on. Having one perk increasing explosive resistance and immunity to flash and stun grenades is extremely powerful and would be great for players that like to rush in ojective gamemodes.


Marathon/Extreme Conditioning 

Marathon and Extreme Conditioning increased sprint time, allowing players to traverse the map at a much quicker speed. Marathon is ideal for making quick rushes off spawn and for players with heavier weapons to get around faster. This perk would heavily suit those that like to play fast and aggressive.

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Steady Aim 

Offering the advantage of a more accurate hipfire spray, steady aim is essential for shotgunners and SMGs with ridiculously high rates of fire. More often than not, there would be little need to aim down the sight with steady aim equipped. With the “Close Quuarters” operator set for release on Modern Warfare, adding steady aim to reduce the spread of the shotgun shell would certainly give the advantage in close quarters situations.

Dead Silence 


Now a staple of Call of Duty multiplayer, Dead Silence was first seen on Call of Duty 4. Giving players the advantage of nearly silent movement allowed them to ambush their opposition with stealth and the ability to navigate the map without the worry of players listening to their footsteps. Its versatility has made the perk viable for nearly all styles of play, ranging from high speed sub-machine gun slayers to the more sneaky tactical players. This is a must have perk for the competitive side of Call of Duty and has featured in every Call of Duty since it's debut.

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Sleight of Hand

Featuring throughout the original Modern Warfare trilogy, sleight of hand increased the reload speed drastically - this allowed players to remain in engagements rather than taking cover to spend extra seconds putting a fresh magazine into the gun. As one of the best perks in the entire franchise, sleight of hand would definitely be a solid addition to Modern Warfare. It's also worth noting that the pro version in Modern Warfare 2 decreased the time it took to aim down the sights of a gun; which is something that has also become a core feature in Call of Duty.


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Written ByJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95