Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019: Ranked Mode May Not Be Included At Launch

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Since Black Ops 2, Ranked play has become a regular feature of Call of Duty - in Modern Warfare there is currently no such playlist available.

The Call of Duty League is underway and has already gotten off to a great start, but Modern Warfare esports is lacking a real grassroots opportunity - so why hasn't it been added and where is it?


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No Ranked Mode In Modern Warfare 2019 Launch

Call of Duty developers have had a love-hate relationship with ranked play ever since its introduction in Black Ops 2 via "League Play".

Previously, those that wanted to participate in competitive games had to seek other means outside of the game. It has become a regular feature in Call of Duty, however in recent years it has fallen in terms of priority - often added later in the game's lifespan.


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Infinity Ward recently spoke to GameInformer in a QA session about Modern Warfare 2019, in this fans of GameInformer had the opportunity to ask them questions about the upcoming game.

The question about Ranked came up and the devs were asked if Ranked Play or League Play would be featured - they replied that they were unsure if it would be available at launch.


This is extremely worrying news for those that like playing competitive Call of Duty and the ease of access via the in-game UI. Ranked play is a great way to test yourself against the best, improve your skills and change it up from the monotony of pub-stomping. Many will not doubt be disheartened to not have a ranked play implemented at launch time, especially given the positive feedback surrounding the Gun Fight Alpha.


Why Ranked Play Is Needed In Modern Warfare

Without ranked play, players have limited opportunities to progress through the ranks or challenge themselves in a competitive environment.


Not everyone has the time to compete in external competitions and this would be an easy and convenient way to do that.

You can read why Ranked Play needs to be in Season 2 here.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91