Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019: Mini-Map Will Return To Multiplayer? Day 1 Modern Warfare 2019 Beta Recap

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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta has launched and players have been grinding the new Call of Duty multiplayer experience on PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, Xbox One and PC players will have to wait until next week to get their hands on the game (all details can be found here). The beta has been generally well received, however many players have voiced their concerns over the mini-map's lack of presence in the game. There's good news for the community as there's a chance it may return!

Infinity Ward are also listening to other feedback from the first day of the beta, here's what was addressed on Reddit.

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Mini-Map Returning?

An overwhelming majority have been raising their concerns about the mini-map feature. In past Call of Duty games, the mini-map has featured in the game, to allow players to see their surroundings and enemies on the map. When a player would fire their gun, without it being supressed, they would appear on the mini-map as a red dot; as well as this, you can see the location of your team mates. This was a very convenient way to read the flow of the game and get an idea of where the enemy were.

In Modern Warfare 2019, they have now removed this feature. It will only appear when you get a a personal radar, UAV or Advanced UAV. This makes those killstreaks extremely strong and since the first two are 3 and 4 killstreaks; if your team doesn't have one you are in for a world of pain. Think playing with radar always on...but the other team has the radar always on and you're left with nothing. It makes for a unique experience in Call of Duty, but evidently has a balancing issue.

Infinity Ward Communications Manager, Ashton Williams, posted on Reddit:

“Okay, let’s talk about minimap. We hear you loud and clear.", she continued "Along with your feedback and the data we're continuously collecting, we'll be experimenting internally with a few different options and will keep you updated if we make any changes that you might see during the Beta,”.

This is good news if you're not a fan of this new change and is certainly a great way to get off to a good start with the community for the year ahead. How will they deal with this issue? Could they reinstate the feature? Or could they nerf the UAV streaks/make them a higher killstreak reward? The issue may be less sustantial once we have access to more items such as the counter-uav - right now, with Ghost not being available until level 13, it can be rough for a new player.


Day 1 Recap

Along with the mini-map, there were other points of discussion that are being investigated:

  • Partying Up: After completing a match as a party, some players are unable to find a new match and are stuck in the matchmaking lobby. We’re still looking into this issue, but in the meantime, disbanding your party and joining back up is a temporary solution while we work on a fix.
  • Unable to connect to online services: This is currently being investigated. If you are still running into this issue, please feel free to PM me your PSNID (if you aren’t comfortable posting it in a thread) so we can take a deeper look. This will be helpful as we work on a solution.
  • Connecting your PSNID to your account/Display name in-game: Please check this link provided by Activision Support if you’re having issues with connecting accounts or would like to adjust your display name. You can learn how to do this here:
  • Hearing enemy footsteps, team footsteps, and your own: Tell us how you’re listening to the game. You can be specific by telling us some of the following information: What type of heaphones are you using? Speakers? Monitor? TV? What preset are you currently using? Are you plugged in directly to the controller? This information can help us narrow down what you’re hearing and help us look further into any issues.
  • Calling Cards using wrong name and/or flag description: The description for the flag of Colombia currently says “Columbia.” The Slovakian flag is currently labeled Croatia. Both of these will be fixed during weekend two of the Beta.
  • Players are able to clip into a table on Grazna Raid: A fix for this has already been completed and will be implemented as soon as possible.
  • Level Cap displaying a higher level than 10: Right now, the level cap is set to 10. Some players are seeing their level cap display 11 or higher. This is a visual bug and will be fixed in weekend two.Graphical corruption on the matchmaking screen: Some players experienced graphical corruption errors while in matchmaking, resulting in the screen appearing black, green, or yellow. This will be fixed in weekend two of the Beta.
  • Spawns: You all have provided tons of feedback and videos of spawns needing some attention. We see it on our end too as we play with you all online, so we’re looking into the current spawn system and will continue to monitor as we go through the weekend.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91