Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Beta: Open Beta Weekend 2 Details And Day 4 Recap

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The first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta weekend wraps up as we take a look at some of the details set to come in the second weekend of the beta, along with some more issues that Infinity Ward will be looking into. We can expect to see the first public appearance of Ground War, a new map and much more quality of life fixes.

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Modern Warfare 2019 Beta Weekend 2 Details

In the second weekend of the Modern Warfare Beta, we will get a chance to play Ground War with 64 players (32v32). This will take place on a new map called 'Karst River Quarry', which was recently discovered by players on the killstreaks menu, within the beta. This will also be the first time Call of Duty has experienced crossplay between multiple consoles as the beta is available on PC and Xbox One.

The open beta dates and times are as follows:

  • Early Access: Xbox and PC (as well as Open Beta for PS4) – 10AM PST September 19th – 6PM PST September 20th
  • Open Beta: All Platforms – 6PM PST September 20th – 10AM PST September 23rd

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Day 4 Recap

Here are some of the feedback points that Infinity Ward will be looking at over the next week:

  • Connecting to Online Services: Some players are unable to connect to online services. If you’re still having this issue, please feel free to PM me your PSNID so we can further investigate.
  • Weapon Attachments: In some cases, weapon attachments are not unlocking after reaching the required level. This is being investigated.
  • Spawning and Visuals: Spawning is currently inconsistent on some maps, so thank you for sharing your videos with us and sharing your feedback. We’ll continue to monitor the spawn system and we’ll update you if we deploy any changes. We will also be looking into lighting and exposure on various areas of the map, such as how you view dark rooms from the outside of a building and vice versa, for example.
  • Recon Drone: There are two noted issues with this Killstreak. One: UI elements remain on the players screen after using the Drone. Second: Thermal function on the Drone causes the map below to become discolored.
  • Weapons clipping through the Operator Character Model: On occasion, the AUG will clip through the arm of an Operator when viewing in the matchmaking or Operator selection screen


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91