Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019: 2v2 Gunfight Returns, Mini-Map Fully Returning In Ground War And The Day 3 Recap

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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta adds another day to the books as more feedback is collected from the community, new content includes the return on the 2v2 Gunfightgame mode, more details on Ground War and the mini-map as well as player outlines being remove on screen.

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2v2 Gunfight Returns

The popular game mode, Gunfight, returns for duos to take to the stage on the specially made Modern Warfare 2019 maps: Gunfight, Pine and Stack. This is no doubt to bolster the game mode to ensure it is ready for launch and give those who are still not keen on the regular modes a chance to play something different.

32v32 Ground War Comes Next Week With A Mini-Map

Despite the mini-map not being fully brought back to its original state, the 64 man Ground War game mode WILL have a fully kitted out mini-map according to TheGamingRevolution (you will see enemies on the mini-map when they fire their weapon) - a fantastic thing to hear from the community's point-of-view and it will no doubt give Infinity Ward more data as to how best to implement the mini-map going forward. Although we should always stay on the side of caution with rumours and leaks, TGR has been very accurate with everything he has told us about this year's game.

It should also be noted that regular vehicles will be available in Ground War, including those that are killstreaks.



Day 3 Recap

Here are the current issues and changes that Infinity Ward are looking into and will change after the day 3 feedback:

  • Connecting to Online Services: Some players are unable to connect to online services. If you’re still having this issue, please feel free to PM me your PSNID so we can further investigate. 
  • Stuttering: On occasion, a player might experience a “pull” or stutter near doors. This is being looked into. 
  • Players unable to move in certain locations: We’ve seen a few cases where players are getting stuck in their position and are unable to move around the map. We’re currently investigating this. 
  • Weapon Attachments: In some cases, weapon attachments are not unlocking after reaching the required level. This is being investigated. 
  • Doors: We’ve read your comments about doors; how they open, how loud they can be, and how they interact with you if they’re already open. We’ll be monitoring how you interact with them throughout the weekend and during weekend two. 
  • Spawning and Visuals: Spawning is currently inconsistent on some maps, so thank you for sharing your videos with us and sharing your feedback. We’ll continue to monitor the spawn system and we’ll update you if we deploy any changes. We will also be looking into lighting and exposure on various areas of the map, such as how you view dark rooms from the outside of a building and vice versa, for example.
  • Semtex Grenade: When stuck to a door, the Semtex grenade will not explode and the grenade icon will remain on screen. This will be fixed for weekend two of the Beta.
  • Smoke effect on weapons: The smoke effect after firing a weapon is currently not displaying in-game. This will be fixed by launch.
  • Players “stuck” on the map: On random places across a map, a player might get ‘stuck’ in their current position and is unable to move. We’re taking a look at these and should have some of these locations fixed for weekend two. 
  • Minimap: Today we turned on a version of the minimap that doesn’t display enemy fire. We’ve been reading through your comments not only about the map itself, but also the compass and other UI elements on screen. Reading your feedback has brought up some very insightful conversations here at the studio, so again, thank you. Tomorrow, we’ll be turning off outlines that exist on your teammates within the world. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this combination, so please keep your suggestions and feedback rolling in throughout the weekend.

Today's Featured Maps And Modes

  • Team Deathmatch: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
  • Domination: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
  • Headquarters: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
  • Headquarters: 10v10 Grazna Raid
  • Domination: 10v10 Grazna Raid

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91