MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: Exodus Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty

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The remastered campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now live on PS4 and is to be released on PC and Xbox on April 30th.

In this article, find a full walkthrough of the “Exodus” mission along with some handy tips for what can be a very difficult mission to get past.


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Mission Walkthrough

After successfully defending Burger Town, you are on the way to Arcadia, a secluded suburb where several civilians are stranded due to the heavy enemy presence in the area. It’s your job to get them out safely.

You are placed directly into the action alongside the Styker which you must protect by taking out any enemies armed with an RPG.

MW2 campaign remastered Exodus walkthrough

TIP: Use the laser marker to select where the Stryker should engage. It’ll provide enough cover for you and the rest of the regiment to work your way through the houses on the right side of the street.

MW2 remastered campaign Exodus veteran

Advance into the house with the burning car in the garage. Once you’ve cleared the house, continue advancing up the street, protecting the Stryker.


There’s a brief pause of silence before the Stryker continues to advance into the suburbs before instructing you to clear out some of the enemy fire before it can advance any further.

MW2 Campaign Remastered Exodus Walkthrough Veteran

Quickly deal with the Sentry Gun located in the middle of the street by targeting it with the laser pointer. Continue to advance alongside the Stryker under the archway, eliminating any resistance from within the security rooms.

Once over the bridge to Arcadia, some new orders for the squad come in and instruct you to move to 4677 Brookmere Road.

Seemingly pinned down by a hoard of enemies, make your way into the house on the left but be very aware that several enemies are located inside so choose your engagements wisely!


Once the house is clear, keep up the fire and move quickly, keeping pace with the Styker.

TIP: With so many abandoned cars littering the streets and the driveways, be aware that they could easily explode in your vicinity, sending you straight back to the last checkpoint so keep your eyes peeled for any cars on fire and the grenade danger indicator when using one as a form of cover.

MW2 campaign remastered Exodus guide

Enter the house through the front door and deal with the enemies preventing your advancement up the stairs.

Once the house is clear of any enemy threats, head out the back garden and use the artillery marker to destroy the anti-aircraft guns. Once those are dealt with, move with the squad to 4677 Brookmere Road to extract the target.

MW2 Exodus walkthrough veteran

You arrive at the house with the front of it burning violently. Check the panic room for the VIP but it is too late. Gather what is left from within the briefcase while Foley reports back to Overlord.



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Obtainable Achievements/Trophies

  • Red Dawn – Complete “Wolverines!” and “Exodus” on Veteran difficulty.
  • The Harder They Fall – Kill 2 rappelling enemies in a row before they land on their feet. 
  • Target Confirmed – Instruct the Honey Badger to kill 80 enemies in “Exodus”
  • The Real Gun Game – Complete any mission but “S.S.D.D” and “Endgame” without reloading weapons or using melee attacks.

Intel Locations

  •  Intel #1 – Opposite the Garden, Villas sign is a small yellow building with a pick-up truck and a motorbike parked outside. The intel is on the desk inside the building. 
  • Intel #2 – Located in the right-hand security office at the main archway entrance to Arcadia. 
  • Intel #3 - Located inside a house with a triangular porch on the right side of the street. The laptop is upstairs on a small chair.