Call of Duty League 2020: COD Champs To Be Played Online

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Amid the on-going global pandemic, the inaugural Call of Duty League has had to adapt to the constantly changing circumstances as has every other sports league.  

With the recent announcement of the Call of Duty Championships being held exclusively online this year, the CDL has made a statement to ensure the utmost competitive integrity. 


Here's all the news!


All Access Cameras

In an update blog post regarding the end of the season, the CDL is taking action to protect the integrity of the World Championships with the following statement: 


"The League is providing all competitors with a universal camera setup that will be active throughout all matches. The cameras will provide visibility for league officials to view and check each competitor’s console, controller, and monitor as needed. Once a match reaches an official ready check status, players will need to be seated and on camera. The cameras will be in place prior to the start of the New York Subliners Home Series on July 10."

This will stop any concerns of players cheating or using other means to get an upper edge over the rest of the competition. 

You can view the blog post here with all the news on the end of the season events here!

The CDL will be providing all players with a camera setup that will allow league officials to view a player's console, controller and monitor if required.This is no doubt a result of the recent discussion regarding potential external assistance such as cronus or strike packs.
— COD Gamepedia • CDL Updates (@COD_Gamepedia)
July 5, 2020