Crossroads Map Cold War Guide - Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots, Objective Locations And Everything You Need To Know

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now available worldwide and it has revealed a wealth of information surrounding the multiplayer for the latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise.

There's an arsenal of new Cold War-themed maps at your disposal.

In our latest map guide, we take a look at Crossroads.


Map Design

Black Ops Cold War Crossroads Guide

Crossroads is one of the bigger maps on Black Ops Cold War

Crossroads is one of the larger maps that Black Ops Cold War has to offer. Comprising of clifftop buildings providing a near-limitless number of sightlines, a frozen lake with next to no cover, and an abandoned satellite station atop another cliff, Crossroads is a perfect setting for big team battles and plenty of long-range battles.

Rather than the typical three-lane design, Crossroads has been made with the 12v12 modes in mind, and is a lot of fun.


Tips and Tricks

Black Ops Cold War Crossroads Map

1) Sniping Showdowns


With an abundance of sightlines, selecting a sniper rifle is the perfect tool to deal with any enemies at the longest of ranges.

Attach a variable zoom scope to get the clearest possible view and pick off enemies with complete ease.

2) Secure The Buildings

Although the main focus is on the clifftop battle across the middle of the map, the satellite building is a haven for those looking to make an impact with a close-quarters weapon.

A rapid-fire SMG or a shotgun in the right hands has the potential to deal serious amounts of damage. Why not equip Overkill and arm yourself with a sniper/SMG combination to be prepared for all scenarios?!

3) Risk it All

For the risk-takers among us, the possibility of dealing damage by playing in the middle of the map is definitely there, but with some crafty positioning, the chance of making an impact in an unorthodox position is still high.

Equip an LMG with a large magazine to minimise the need for reloading and hug the bottom of the cliffs to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Once you spot an opponent from up high, unleash a barrage of bullets on their location and take them out of the equation.

Recommended Weapons

With so many ways to play, here’s some of the weapons we would recommend.