Stoner 63 Cold War Loadout - Best Attachments And Setup For Your Class

The Stoner 63 made its return to the Call of Duty franchise when Black Ops Cold War was released in November 2020. With Season 6 underway, many players are using the LMG thanks to its fast fire rate and surprisingly high levels of mobility.

If you're reading this article, you've probably suffered a frustrating evening of COD at the hands of this powerful weapon and wondered what people are using on it.

We've got you covered! Find the best attachments to use on the Stoner 63 as well as the ultimate Black Ops Cold War loadout.

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Stoner 63 Cold War

The Stoner 63 is the perfect weapon of choice if you’re wanting to use a weapon that can do everything over the course of a match Its rapid rate of fire alongside its incredible mobility and ease of control enables the Stoner 63 to perform well in all manner of situations.

With the right loadout build, it is certainly possible to go nuclear with it.

Stoner 63 Cold War Best Attachments

  • Quickdot LED (Optic)
  • 16” Cut Down (Barrel)
  • Foregrip (Underbarrel)
  • Sprint Pad (Stock)
  • Raider Pad (Handle)

This set of attachments is perfect for controlling open areas of the map with ease.

The addition of the Sprint Pad further increases the mobility of the Stoner 63, increasing the aim movement speed and combined with the Quickdraw Handle for an increase in aim down sight speed, the agility of the Stoner moves in line with some of the tactical rifles and even some assault rifles.

Stoner 63 Black Ops Cold War
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Stoner 63: Under-used but incredibly deadly

Best Stoner 63 Cold War Loadout


  • 1911
    • Muzzle Brake .45 APC (Muzzle)
    • 6.54” Paratrooper (Barrel)
    • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
    • 12 RD Speed Mag (Magazine)
    • Quickdraw Handle (Handle)

Having a secondary that can bail you out of sticky situations can often be the difference between life and death on Black Ops Cold War.

When there’s a wealth of enemies surrounding your position, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading the Stoner 63. This particular attachment combination kills quickly and always packs a punch.


  • Frag Grenade

The frag grenade is arguably the most versatile piece of lethal equipment on the game. Use it to clear out any objectives controlled by the opposition and when cooked to perfection, it guarantees a quick and easy kill.


  • Stun Grenade

Ideal for halting any opposition moving in on your position, a well-timed stun grenade can allow you to eliminate a disoriented opponent with ease.

Field Upgrade

  • Proximity Mine

It’s very hard to avoid a well-placed proximity mine. Place one in the shadows or a dimly lit area of the map and wait for an explosive result!


  • Tactical Mask
  • Flak Jacket
  • Scavenger
  • Tracker
  • Ghost
  • Ninja

Selecting six perks may seem like overkill but for this Stoner 63 loadout, they’re ideal for keeping you in the heat of battle for longer.

Tactical Mask and Flak Jacket increase your resistance to utilities, Scavenger earns you additional ammo so you never run out, Tracker enables you to see any nearby enemy footsteps, Ghost keeps your location hidden from any Spy Planes, and Ninja enables you to traverse the map easier with quieter footsteps when sprinting.


  • Perk Greed

This wildcard gives you the option to select three extra perks, further increasing your versatility on the battlefield.

Regardless of perk selection, Perk Greed is a great wildcard to use in order to bolster your capabilities during a match.

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