Call of Duty: Activision Testing New ‘Creator Code’ Program

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Fortnite has long had a “creator code” program, by which players can support an influencer of their choice when spending money in-game. Now, Call of Duty’s apparently getting in on the action.

Dexertoreported back in March that Modern Warfare and Warzone might follow suit with a similar program, citing a reputable leaker on Twitter.


Call of Duty Support-a-Creator Beta

A number of influencers within the Call of Duty community have already received creator codes for Modern Warfare, and official Activision FAQ copy offers a bit of fresh info about the program.

“Participating creators will receive $5 USD (or local equivalent) for every 10,000 COD Points spent in-game with their code,” the FAQ says (via Charlie Intel).

“This pilot program will initially launch as a beta. We hope to add more creators soon.”


Because this is a beta test of the support-a-creator program, not everyone who stands to benefit has actually received a code yet. As you might expect, some folks really aren’t happy.

“The fact that neither Scump or Nadeshot or Pamaj got codes is fucked up,” NRG CEO Hector Rodriguez tweeted.

“I don’t use the F word, ever, on Twitter,” he said, “but just needed to say it.”

“We shoulda gave up on COD when they was missing and came back when they was poppin’,” Pamaj said.


“Trust me, I totally get the frustration,” said Call of Duty League commentator Clint Evans.

“Hell, with all of my work on COD over the years, I’d love a damn code. I am thinking it’s just a beta launch and more people will be rolled into it soon.”

The support-a-creator code field is already active in both Modern Warfare and Warzone, according to Charlie Intel, though “only a very small group of YouTubers have a code right now.”