Bo3 Zombies: The Giant’s Weapon Easter Egg

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If you have the ‘Giant’ bonus map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies, you can complete these easy steps to retrieve the maps special hidden weapon.

This is an updated version of the Hide and Seek Easter Egg some players will remember from the original Der Riese zombies map from Call of Duty: World at War.


In order to complete this Easter Egg you must have a Pack-A-Punched weapon. Locating the Pack-A-Punch machine on the Giant map is simple in comparison to the Shadows of Evil Pack-A-Punch guide and works the same way as the original Der Riese map.

Simply link the three teleporters to the “mainframe” pad at the start of the map. Once completed, you will require 5,000 points to Pack-A-Punch your weapon.

Now that you’ve obtained your upgraded weapon from the Pack-A-Punch machine, head to the window just outside the animal lab testing area. This is the first window you will see after you open the first door on your right when you spawn at the mainframe.

Look through the fence and you’ll see a structure of pillars in the distance. Shoot the device attached to bottom part of the centre pillar.


If done correctly, you will hear the voice of Dr. Maxis and witness a glowing green halo of items appear. The voice will then announce the game of Hide and Seek with Samantha’s teddy bears.

Actually, there are two teddy bears and a monkey bomb hiding around the map.

Teleporter A, located near you and the animal testing lab, will contain the hidden monkey bomb. Head inside the teleporter room and go prone in front of the unlit furnace. It’s very hard to see, but you can shoot into the furnace towards the back right corner to hit the item.

Once your shot is successful, Maxis will speak again to confirm you have found one of the hidden items.


Next, make your way to the area where you turn on the power for the map. Stand near the power switch and look outside the map and up towards the top of the building’s fire escape. The teddy bear is visible and you just need to shoot it. 

Maxis will confirm again, and you’ll just need to find one last item.

The final teddy is at Teleporter B and inside the left vat.

Just jump and peek down into the vat until you can see the bear. - You’ll need to jump and shoot to make the shot.


Once you shoot the third and final teddy bear, Maxis will speak again and you’ll need to head downstairs towards the lit furnace.

The furnace now contains the Annihilator pistol used by the BO3 multiplayer Specialist, Sereph. Grab it like you would grab a gun off the wall. 

The gun is activated the same way it’s used in multiplayer, providing users with a limited amount of shots, however, it can be recharged over time by killing more zombies. This is a great bonus because it does not take up one of your limited gun slots, so technically you can obtain four guns at once if you’re using the Mule Kick perk and this secret weapon.

This Easter Egg is so simple and just takes a few minutes of your time, so why not grab Mule Kick, Pack-A-Punch your three standard guns and carry a fourth Specialist gun that offers a “one shot, one kill?”


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