Black Ops Cold War Zombies: HUD Concept From Reddit Will Make You Wish You're Playing It Now!

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Black Ops Cold War's beta is arriving THIS WEEK and fans are excited to get their second crack at this year's Call of Duty.

While the attention is focused on the multiplayer, we must not forget the Zombies mode that was revealed recently.


The Zombies community has always been passionate and creative, so much show they've designed a new HUD concept for the mode.

There have been a lot of leaks recently that showcase a HUD that looks a lot more like multiplayer.

Naturally, those who have followed Zombies for a long time, have expressed their discontent for it.

So loyal fans have jumped in with their own HUD concept - including u/JesseStolk.


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Black Ops Cold War Zombies HUD Concept

As you can see in this version, the HUD is very clean and is ultimately rather similar to the multiplayer HUD.


DEADLY PREMONITION: Is this what the HUD could look like?

Photo via u/JesseStolk

In the recent leaks, players could spot a mini-map. It was pointed out that this is likely just a port from the multiplayer and the final product will be different; the Zombies mode has never featured a mini-map before.

The Reddit user has notably brought back the classic round counter from Zombies as well as the Black Ops 2 iteration of perk icons.


While they do look nice, many were quick to point out that they may be too dark for the setting and environment they are in.

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They've also decided to add squad stats above the round-counter, including their health and cash count; a very interesting addition.

u/DrEddieRichtofen stated that he would rather not have the health bars in place for Zombies; taking it back to the classic approach.


Interestingly, the user has also decided to name the mysterious wonder weapon the 'Jetgun MK2'.

The Jetgun, also know as 'Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23', is a buildable in the Black Ops 2 map Tranzit. 

You'll also notice in the top left the location of where the player currently is, providing easy call outs.

Finally, you can spot the streaks and equipment in the bottom right.