Black Ops Cold War Zombies Gameplay Details: Exfil,Weapon Rarity, Field Upgrades, Perks and More!

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The trailer for the zombies game mode for Black Ops Cold War released today.

Overall it was an enjoyable reveal and we know some of the new features coming this year. 

There seems to be an ample amount of new gameplay features coming this year!


Here's what we know!


Blog Post

The folks over at the Activision Games Blog posted a lengthy post detailing all the new content coming to zombies.

From some background on the story to how the post-release content is going to work, they have all the details you need.

They also dove into some of the gameplay mechanics coming this year. 

Besides the points they have made in their blog post, we saw during the trailer that the Mystery Box and Wall Buys are also making a return! 


Let's go over some of them!


Weapon Rarity

Copying the model we see battle royales use for weapons, zombies will have different weapon rarities.

"The higher the rarity, the greater the damage output and attachments for the weapon. For the first time, this will allow any weapon in the game to be sustainable in later rounds. This also adds more variety and fun to finding new weapons through Wall Buys and the Mystery Box."


Field Upgrades


A mechanic that was introduced in multiplayer some time ago is also making its way to zombies.

You will be able to deploy these on the map to aid you and your allies in the fight. It is unknown what ones will be coming to zombies however! 

"Charge them up by killing zombies, then deploy them in times of desperate need. From offensive buffs to abilities that aid in evasion or healing and reviving, these Field Upgrades are made to fit numerous playstyles and situations."



You will be able to craft and find lethal, support, and tactical equipment all over the zombie's map!

Frag Grenades, Stuns and all the classic equipment are going to be found all over the map!



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All the classics are back for another go-around this year. 

They have confirmed that Juggernog and Speed Cola are in zombies this year, but with some sort of Cold War twist.

As well, they have noted the following: 


"There’s no longer a limit to how many different Perks you can consume, so go ahead and crack open a six-pack, if you have the points to do so."



A brand new feature coming this year is one called Exfill.

If you and your allies feel you are into much trouble, and cannot finish the next round; this feature will allow you to quickly escape the map!

"Instead of perishing to the horde, Black Ops Cold War Zombies provides a new option to escape with your life when you’re feeling overrun... if you dare.

If the whole squad is in trouble, you can opt to exfiltrate the undead combat zone via helicopter. Although zombie spawns will be dialed up to 11, you should expect to earn some rewards if your squad completes this final push to survive."

Sounds like it will be quite the task if you want to escape, however!