Black Ops Cold War: Weapon Camoflauges - Are Camo Paint Cans Returning?

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As Black Ops Cold War's launch looms, we're getting new and exciting information on a weekly basis.

While some is admittedly more important, others have a special place in the hearts of the die hard fans base.


One thing we've heard little information about is regarding camouflages in the game.

A new image may have informed us how that will work and it's a familiar concept that Treyarch is re-introducing.

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Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camos

If you were watching the multiplayer reveal carefully as @PrestigeIsKey did, you may have noticed something familiar in one of the images.


The create-a-class bench appears to show off the Blackout paint cans that were scattered around the map in Black Ops 4's battle royale map.

Do you remember seeing these? It was such a choir to find them, but so invigorating once you found one!

CANOFLAUGE: Collect paint cans to earn weapon camos


These paint cans served as a means to unlock camos in the Battle Royale mode. Annoyingly, they were scattered around the map in random locations meaning your gameplay couldn't escalate how quickly you obtained camos.

It made sense because if those camos were locked away from players and only obtainable by grabbing kills, some players would never earn them.

So will they be introduced into the game? I can't see it working practically in a fast and frantic multiplayer mode, but it makes sense to add them to Warzone.

It could ultimately be a small easter egg and a nod to what came before, as well as confirmation that weapon camos will be added into the game.


Perhaps the upcoming public Alpha and open beta will give us a clearer indication on how this works?