Black Ops Cold War: Prestige Icon Found - Will There Be A Prestige System?

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Black Ops Cold War's gameplay is out in the wild and Treyarch's next game looks incredible.

This weekend was the PS4 alpha and players have been playing all weekend.


Now, data miners have found a file suggesting prestige mode may be returning!

Here it is. 



ModernWarzone who is one of the most prominent leakers posted some breaking news last night.


They noted that someone was able to reach a high enough level in the alpha that they unlocked a prestige icon.

The icon itself is one from Black Ops 4, but the prestige code is still in the game.

ModernWarzone vouched for this leak, as they were playing with during the alpha and saw the icon for themselves.

Check it out below!




Like anything, we cannot confirm nor deny that prestige mode is back until Treyarch themselves confirm it.

However, the fact Reidboy was able to unlock this icon is substantial. 


The code for prestige icons seems to be in the game, it is just a matter of them actually being implemented.

Be sure to keep an eye out over the coming weeks for any news regarding prestige icons in Cold War!