Black Ops Cold War Operator Mechanics - Features, What's New And How They Work

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Today was the day that Call of Duty fans around the world has been waiting for.

The multiplayer reveal of Black Ops Cold War was amazing, from the new weapons or to the new maps.


As well, a new way into how Operators' work was talked about during the show.



Operators are the skins/characters you play as when you are in a multiplayer match.


Over the course of the Modern Warfare season, we gained access to some amazing ones.

Now, it appears they are going all out with new and innovative ways into how these Operators will work.



During the live stream one of the keynotes they made when talking about Operators was: 


"We've been able to enhance the physics and gravity into what you carry, from the weight of your gear like pouches and grenades. To the way a wallet chain or rope sways as your sprint" 

Everything in Black Ops Cold War appears to be more natural than previous Call of Duty titles.

As in the past, they have been more of an arcade-style of game.



New Ways

They noted four new ways that Operators are going to function in Black Ops Cold War.

They are: 

  • Sprint Take Off - This gives your player a running start, you will start fast then slow down; just like in real life
  • Slide Crouch - In Black Ops Cold War you will start and end a slide in a fluid motion
  • Footstep Control - You will make more noise the faster you run, crouching can also make you silent
  • Jumping - They noted that the jumping is much more natural, and will slow you down once you land

All of these new mechanics are ways that they are trying to make Black Ops Cold War the most realistic yet fluid COD ever!