Black Ops Cold War: Mialstor Tank Factory Coming To Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer As Well As Modern Warfare?

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Season 6 for Modern Warfare released earlier this week and players have been getting stuck into the new content on offer.

One of the new maps, Mialstor Tank Factory, looks rather familiar though - have we seen it before?

In fact, you have. Players were quick to point out it looks very similar to something we saw earlier this year from Black Ops Cold War.

So why is it in Modern Warfare? Is Infinity Ward stealing Treyarch's idea? Here's what we think.


Mialstor Tank Factory Coming To Black Ops Cold War

As we reported earlier this week, Mialstor Tank Factory looks very similar to a map that we saw in the leaked early footage of Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer.

Not everyone will have seen the footage, so you could be forgiven for it not looking so familiar.

The early leak was what appeared to be a phone recording of someone playing the game and you could clearly see the centrepiece of the map (the tank) which some websites still have.

You could tell it was in an early stage of the game due to the fact that plenty of the map hadn't been rendered in and large parts of the map were missing.

So why has it been added to Modern Warfare? There are a few theories popping up.

The first theory is that Treyarch was testing the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer in Modern Warfare maps.

But, according to TheGamingRevolution, this map was meant to be showcased in the multiplayer reveal for Black Ops Cold War; but this never came to be.


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So what does that mean? It means that the map has been released and will now no longer be a part of Black Ops Cold War or (the more likely explanation) it's being released again in Black Ops Cold War.


Why would they do that? It's likely to be for story purposes and somehow this map links heavily to the Black Ops Cold War story and the unified narrative being told between all Call of Duty games going forward.

It also gives Treyarch a lot of feedback to test and see how this map plays in Modern Warfare, giving them time to make adjustments. Admittedly, it doesn't look like a typical Modern Warfare map...the colours are far more vibrant and the layout is a lot more simplistic.

Infinity Ward hasn't exactly been releasing many multiplayer maps they've designed from scratch, so perhaps Treyarch has thrown them a bone for the last DLC set.

TheGamingRevolution also points out that developers do chip in and help each other out far more than we think; this map could have been designed by more than one developer. It's likely going forward, with a universe that is heavily connected, developers will need to work together to keep the narrative in check.

While there are some changes, it's easy to understand how over time the facility changed and the developers added more detail to the map to improve gameplay.

Given the map is located in Kastovia, a country located in the Caucasus Region, bordered by the Russian Federation to the north and Georgia to the west; it's easy to see this fitting into Black Ops Cold War.

Not to mention that it has a cold climate, was formerly part of the Soviet Union and the main language is Russian...