Arcitys Interview

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Our Call of Duty writer, Nick Farrell, caught up with Arcitys from eUnited to talk about how the CWL season is going and his thoughts on CWL London returning.



Photo Credit: @eUnitedGG


Nick: First off, you guys finished the initial two weeks of the Pro League at 5-2 which landed you guys second in the division. How do you feel the two weeks went for yourself and the team?

Arcitys: I feel like the first two weeks of the division we kind of got lucky. We all feel like we shouldn't be 5-2 we just clutched up game 5 round 11 twice and it wasn't really us beating them they beat themselves (EXG and 100T) with so many mistakes



Nick: One of your only two losses was against Envy where they 3-0’d you guys. What went wrong during that series?

Arcitys: I felt like we had the advantage that series in vetos and map picks but we just didn't close out maps vs them.



Nick: Last year eUnited were notorious for taking a majority of matches to Game 5, with you guys being on the wrong side for some of them. How has the addition of aBeZy, who was known for his S&D, helped in that department?

Arcitys: The addition of aBeZy has made S&D so much easier for us just cause he loves making plays and him and Preston running and baiting and switching each other makes my life easier.


Nick: Coming into CWL Fort Worth you guys are seeded in Group D with Envy, Reciprocity, and OpTic. How do you guys feel going into Fort Worth in a few weeks?


Arcitys: We feel the same as any other major event just cause we know we have to beat the best to be the best and that is what we are set to do in pools we just need to come out hot


Nick: Jumping ahead to May for CWL London, this will be your third time in the UK for an event as well as your first time in the Copper Box Arena.  With how loud and engaging the Birmingham fans were last year, what are your expectations this time around?

Arcitys: To get to the mainstage and feel the crowd is always a great feeling. I expect every event this year to be loud and engaging. I can’t imagine how loud London will be in a famous arena like Copper Box.



Nick: At the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for partaking in this and do you have anything to say to your fans out there?

Arcitys: I wanna say thank you for all the fans that support me and support Call of Duty if it was not for you guys no one would be here thank you



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Writer: Nick Farrell@NickFarrell91