Announcing the CWL London Broadcast Lineup & Format

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Announcing the CWL London Broadcast Lineup & Format

From January 26th – 29th, sixteen of Europe’s best Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare teams will descend upon London as they prepare for battle at the UK’s finest dedicated eSports venue. Tickets are now available for purchase.


As the Gfinity Arena undergoes its final preparations ahead of Europe’s first official Call of Duty World League event, we’re delighted to announce the Gfinity CWL London broadcast line-up, well worthy of such an occasion!

The man of many traits, Alan ‘Bricetacular’ Brice, returns to his second home, the Gfinity Arena, alongside Chris Tunn, Jonas ‘Oxygen’ Ferry and Europe’s favourite (well to be honest only) caster-brother duo, Oliver and Philip Whitfield.

Joining our all-star talent line-up, we’re also delighted to welcome the return of Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop and Matthew "Mr X" Morello to the Gfinity Arena.

In summary, the complete Gfinity CWL London broadcast lineup is as follows:

In addition to the CWL London broadcast lineup, we’re also excited to reveal the official tournament format for the event.


The sixteen qualified teams will be appropriately divided into four groups of four, with each team set to play a minimum of three games in a round robin format. Upon the conclusion of group play, the top two placing teams will automatically progress into a double elimination bracket, while the bottom two teams will be eliminated from the competition. All group matches, the semi-finals, quarter finals and grand finals will consist of a best-of-five series.

The tournament will also feature CWL points, which will be broken down as followed:

  • 1st - 5000
  • 2nd - 3000
  • 3rd - 2200
  • 4th - 1800
  • 5th-6th - 1600
  • 7th-8th - 1400
  • 9th-12th - 1100
  • 13th-16th - 900

As a result of the format, in order to ensure the event doesn’t become too demanding for our players, staff and spectators, the Gfinity CWL London has been extended from a two day event to a four day event, with the tournament now scheduled to start on Thursday, 26th January.

Anyone who has booked a ticket for Saturday, Sunday or the weekend, is welcome to visit the Arena on Thursday and Friday. We're fully aware that most people will have work and school commitments, hence why we've opted to not formally sell tickets for these days.

Keep up to date with all the latest gaming and eSports news via our Twitter: @Gfinity.