An Insight Into CWL Fort Worth 2019

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CWL Las Vegas ended with OpTic Gaming taking the first championship of the 2019 cycle, but who will take CWL Fort Worth? We take a look at the four pool tables for the Pro League and the Open bracket to give you an insight into the second major tournament of the season.




Pool A


I think Gen.G will take the top of the leaderboard. They had an outstanding performance during the opening fortnight of the series, but their unbeaten run came to an end as Midnight Esports secured a 3-1 win in week two. Since the break from the Pro League, SpaceLy announced he was no longer attending CWL Fort Worth and Envoy will be taking his place. 

As for Denial Esports, I predict that they will stay at the bottom of the table. They earned their spot in the Pro League - and there is no doubt they will fight at Fort Worth. If Denial performs as they did in both week 3 and 4 of the Pro League, they will not find the success they desire.


Pool B



PoolB consists of four teams who have shown improvement during their Pro League spell: 100 Thieves, in my opinion, will be the team to take the lead. They began their series slow, only finding one victory in week three, but remain unbeaten in week four. They face Enigma6, who are also in Division B but found a quick 3-0 win, maybe Enigma6 could be out for revenge at Fort Worth?

Evil Geniuses will be looking to face the bottom of the table. Things have been looking very slow for the roster, as their only victory was against Team Reciprocity (3-1). I would love to see a surprise from EG, three of these players were teammates last season and with the addition of Attach, who is on loan from FaZe Clan - it’s time to see some successful performances from the roster and prove their quality as a team. 


Pool C


PoolC is a dominant leader of teams, both Luminosity and Splyce were very strong at CWL Las Vegas. As for Midnight Esports, they have excelled through the Pro League.

Splyce, personally, will top the table - they were the top contenders, although finishing third at CWL Las Vegas. However, their performance in the Pro League has been unsettling. Though, I believe they will learn from their Pro League series and deliver the aggression and skill they brought at their debut event this year. 


Excelerate Gaming were underperforming throughout their fortnight at the CWL Pro League. They only secured a win against Envy, battling through a game 5. Things could become a surprise since their Pro League flop, introducing Brack, JetLi, Skyz, PROFEEZY and MRuiz to the roster. 


Pool D


Pool D is the table everyone has their eyes on and notably will be the most difficult. OpTic Gaming and eUnited, the two top teams from CWL Las Vegas, as well as Envy and Team Reciprocity, two teams who have caused upset and surprises during the Pro League.

eUnited will top the table if they maintain the performance they’ve shown throughout the Pro League. Having only lost to Envy and Team Heretics, they were almost crowned champions at CWL Las Vegas. As noted, they will be up for revenge to take on OpTic Gaming once again.

Team EnVy may become a shock, and fall to the bottom. This roster won CWL Championship 2018, but have been a rollercoaster team this season. They did, however, beat eUnited in week four, but with Team Reciprocity and OpTic Gaming both fighting for their place at Fort Worth, this may be the downfall of Envy this season.


As for your CWL Fort Worth champions, I feel OpTic Gaming will be looking for a back-to-back victory this season. They were very dangerous at CWL Las Vegas and with Dashy coming back, they will be back on top.


Open Bracket


Alongside the Pro League bracket, CWL Fort Worth will also hold an open bracket:

From the European region, we will be seeing a new series of rosters entering from Team Sween and Giants Gaming. Teams who have been notably seen throughout this season and last season: all three rosters were at the CWL Pro League Qualifier, and it will not be a surprise to see these teams hitting the top of the open bracket. 

As for North America, FaZe Clan Black are looking to take the top of the bracket after their defeat in the Pro League Qualifiers. They have since made two changes: Cellium and Simp will be in their active roster. “Spoofs and Co.” will also be attending (Spoof, Frosty, Pandur, Super and Zaptius).


In the APAC region, Mindfreak (Swifty, Louqa, Fighta, Setzyy and Shockz) will be battling against rival teams, Vertex and Vertex Black: two rosters including former Tainted Minds and Mindfreak players. We’ll also have two Japanese teams attending: Rush Gaming won the Japan National Qualifier and have been represented in the CWL since Black Ops 3. 


You can see all of these teams at CWL London by getting your spectator tickets here:


Written by Alisha Wicks@Alishalmao