An Advanced Look at Call of Duty

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In just a few months time the world’s favourite franchise is going to drop a new game for us to master. Anticipation is building for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and what the vast majority of us are hoping for is a balanced and enthralling multiplayer online experience. There is a lot of speculation about how Advanced Warfare will be received by the eSports community, but here are my predictions and thoughts on the type of game that will be unveiled...

Firstly, I feel that this time Sledgehammer Games will really step their game up and produce a fantastic game, judging by the videos we have seen so far. The Advanced Technology that has been showcased could bring a much faster paced game play which will ultimately make competitive matches more entertaining. However, I expect a lot of equipment and weapons will be over powered which could lead to them being banned down the line, but when the game is refined and the kinks are ironed out I personally can see it being one of the best in the series.

1080p HD graphics, crisp sound and lens flares are always good to see but what sets a game alight when it comes to competitivity are the game modes. This has already been proved in Black Ops 2. CoD in eSports had a huge boost and because game was fun to play and spectators enjoyed watching. This is in part due to the tense game modes such as Hardpoint and Capture the Flag. If Advanced Warfare is to be a success I believe it must bring those game modes back. Domination and Blitz in CoD: Ghosts are good game modes, however in terms of spectating are perhaps not the most exciting.


To improve the COD eSports scene further there are a few things that I would like to see. More events and extra purchasables like eSports team camouflages could contribute to larger prize pots at events which would ultimately be more appealing, and motivate players to get better and better. In order to compete with the more popular PC titles and really push CoD to the top there are a number of things I believe need to happen:

-         Game Modes: Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Capture The Flag need to return

-         Classic Maps with three lanes and not filled with Dynamic Map elements

-         All weapons need to be similar and balanced so that there are more possibilities and people have equal chances

-         More eSports usable Kill Streaks as there are in Black Ops 2

-         Competitive DLC to freshen gameplay up

I have high hopes Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare and do think it that it will be a very good game; I can't wait for its release in November. While there are some sceptics out there, if Sledgehammer take the best features from previous titles and look at what other successful eSports titles are doing we could see CoD become the go-to title for lots of gamers.




Author: Jay Ellard (@JayyEllard)

About the author: "I am 16 years old, just finished my GCSE's and I really enjoy eSports and the community surrounding it. I have been watching Call of Duty eSports for over 3 years now. I get such a buzz from playing and watching it and I love discussing and talking about the issues involved with CoD".