A Scope Into CWL Pro League: Week 5

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With CWL Fort Worth finishing in the favour of Luminosity, the 2019 cycle resumed to the Pro League and the debut of cross-division. Four teams from each division will battle each other to reach the top of their division, as playoffs are only 3 months away...  

Team of the Week: Excelerate Gaming  

A successful and intense week laid in the hands of Excelerate Gaming this week; after winning 50% of their matches, they led Red Reserve and Luminosity to a game 5 respectively. After a strong fight in Frequency hardpoint against Red Reserve, ExG were close to reaching 200 points whilst Red was left struggling with less than 50. Nevertheless, Red Reserve could only reach to another 100 points before losing their opening map 250-166. After a strong position from ExG, holding the series 2-0 from their 6-3 win in Gridlock Search and Destroy, Red Reserve were hungry for a reverse sweep and succeeded, courtesy of Bance.  Although losing their second 5-map series against Luminosity, ExG left UYU defeated and without a single map win before ending their week with another 3-0 sweep against Evil Geniuses; denying EG’s chances of reaching 100 points during the hardpoint. (250-71) 


Player of the Week: Chris “Simp” Lehr - eUnited 

Making his debut to the Pro League, Simp took fourth place on the leaderboard with an overall K/D of 1.5. He announced he will be under eUnited back on March 19th for the Pro League, replacing JKap.  Simp played alongside Asim, Cellium, GRVTY and Phantomz at CWL Fort Worth. Although representing FC Black, that didn’t stop his love for eUnited. They took away the grand prize of $15,000 after a reverse sweep on runners-up, Mindfreak. 

Best match of the Week: Red Reserve vs Team Heretics

Red Reserve’s fate in week five was left in jeopardy after only finding one win out of the four matches played. They faced European rivals and Spanish stars, Team Heretics which left Red without a single map win.  Each map was close for Red Reserve, yet could not hold the final minutes to secure a win. One shocking moment of the series was their performance on Gridlock control: as both Heretics and Red Reserve were tied 2-2, they were left to pray that they were to take the final round to survive another map. However, after just seconds away from securing B site, Zer0 was left to contest as much as he could, but Mettalzz’s War Machine pushed Red’s chances off the board; leaving Team Heretics with their second win of the week.  https://twitter.com/CODWorldLeague/status/1110997620837629952

What’s Next for Week Six?

The final eight teams will be battling during week six for another series of surprises and upsets. With Team Reciprocity continuing their journey with Dylan, will they be left unbeaten? A mix of new addition teams and the top-flight teams will be in store this week and we are definitely excited.



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Written ByAlisha Wicks@Alishalmao