2015 Call of Duty Championship Predictions: Group D

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The Call of Duty Championship is the most prestigious date on the calendar of the budding eSports title by a notable margin. 32 of the world’s most established teams will clash on March 27-29th, with the winning squad walking away with a significant $400,000 in prize money – $100,000 apiece.

As we edge closer to the launch of the highly anticipated tournament, tension within the eSports community could not be higher. The 32 qualified teams have spent the last month vigorously perfecting their strategies, teamwork and gun-skill, as they prepare themselves for every possible scenario which stands between them and the coveted title of World Champion.   

While the clock agonisingly ticks down and the 27th of March draws nearer, our series of reviewing each group and providing you with our insights and predictions as to whom will qualify nears its conclusion.   


In this penultimate instalment, we move on to focus our attention towards the remaining groups C, D and E, as we attempt to predict which 6 teams will triumph out of pool play.

Group D

OpTic Nation (US) | Killa, MirX, TeePee, Karma

Gamers2 (EU) | TojoR18, MethodZSicK, GoSu Lgxn, JK7

SSOF Gaming (BRA) | Caio, Le, Carlao, Hx

Exile5.T1 (AUS) | Iskatuu, Damage, Chilean, Fate    

As Group D is the first pool to feature each team from a separate qualification region, upon first glance, the bracket may not be a simple as one believes. None of these teams will have previous experience of each others strategies and playstyles, therefore we could potentially witness several major upsests.


Nevertheless, with a star studded lineup of 4 previous World Champions, OpTic Nation are undeniably the clear favourites to secure the top seed from Group D. Their experience, leadership, talent and teamwork should be enough to see off the contention of their unfamiliar opponents, with many enthusiasts already predicting the second Optic side as the main rivals to their sister team, OpTic Gaming.


The remaining qualification spot from Group B is not as clear cut however, with Gamers2, SSOF and Exile5.T1 all posing a clear threat. Unfortunately, between the three nationalities, I believe the Brazilian squad will struggle the most, primarily due to their lack of experience. Although SSOF successfully qualified for the 2014 Call of Duty Championships, they were unexpectedly disqualified from the tournament as a result of alleged “account sharing”. Nevertheless, we are sure the organisation is more determined than ever to prove themselves on the global scale and reiterate their status as a team worthy of their invitation.

Thus, we are left with the Spanish giants Gamers2 and the Australian powerhouse Exile5.T1. As much as I would love to show our European brethren, Gamers2, unconditional support, realistically, I believe Exile5.T1 should edge their way into the final qualification spot. Although Gamers2 are coming off a string of impressive results, notably placing 5th-8th at the European Regionals, Exile5.T1’s previous 5th place finish at the 2014 Call of Duty Championships epitomises why the Australian scene should no longer be ignored. Ultimately, the matchup between these two organisations may be the deciding factor as to who progresses out of pool play.

OpTic Nation 3-1 Gamers2

OpTic Nation 3-0 SSOF Gaming

OpTic Nation 3-2 Exile5.T1


Exile5.T1 2-3 OpTic Nation

Exile5.T1 3-2 Gamers2

Exile5.T1 3-0 SSOF Gaming

Be sure to check out tomorrows edition where we take a look at groups C,D and E. 

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