Mobile Legends Yin Build for 2022

Artwork featuring Yin in Mobile Legends
January 21, 2022: Now released and available to unlock for either 32k Battle Points or 419 Diamonds as an introductory offer, we've updated the Mobile Legends Yin build with everything you should know before taking the new hero into battle.

Our Mobile Legends Yin build will have you punching up the ranked ladder in no time. Since the hero's release, his strength on the battlefield has already been determined. On top of being capable of dealing massive bursts of physical damage, Yin's Normal and Lieh forms can be used to really turn the tide of battle.

Perfect for the lone wolf type, Yin has the potential to single-handedly take down any enemy with the help of his passive ability. When he's alone against an opponent, he gains some big buffs. From the Advanced Servers straight into your loadout, keep this Mobile Legends Yin build guide on hand and you'll conquer in no time.

Keep reading to find out more about Yin and how you can master the hero in Mobile Legends. We have guides for other meta Mobile Legends heroes, so do be sure to check out our Valentina build, Ruby build, and Lesley build guides as well. We also keep a Mobile Legends codes guide and a Mobile Legends tier list to help you fight harder and wiser.

The Best Mobile Legends Yin Build

Ability Priority
Charged Punch -> Instant Blast
Instant Blast -> Charged Punch
Tough Boots
Warrior Boots
First Item
Bloodlust Axe
Item Build
Tough Boots, Bloodlust Axe, Immortality, Endless Battle, Malefic Roar, Blade of Despair
Warrior Boots, Bloodlust Axe, Oracle, Malefic Roar, Immortality, Blade of Despair

Yin is an extremely competitive hero in Mobile Legends. Equipped with disabling abilities that can be used to change the entire course of team fights within moments, you'll need to know exactly how his versatile kit works before you can expect the proper results.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about Yin, and the perfect build to have him reach his full potential. Things are likely to change slightly as the usual post-release balancing patches come into play following larger player feedback, but for now, he's how to dominate with Yin in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Yin Abilities

Leave it to me
grants Yin boosted physical damage whenever there are no ally heroes nearby. This passive ability is extremely effective for hunting down enemy heroes by himself and also allows Yin to regenerate greater amounts of HP from physical life steal items.
Charged Punch
Active (Normal State)
Charged Punch grants Yin boosted movement speed for two seconds. You can re-cast the ability within these two seconds to make Yin throw a charged punch in a specific direction, dealing massive physical damage.
Instant Blast
Active (Normal State)
Yin dashes forward dealing physical damage to those in his path. The trail left behind then returns to Yin, damaging and stunning those it touches.
Frenzy Strike
Active (Lieh State)
Yin smashes the ground ahead ten times with gradually increasing speed, damaging and slowing enemies with each hit.
Instant Blast
Active (Lieh State)
Yin flies forward, damaging enemies in his path for physical damage. The trail left behind then returns to Yin, further damaging and stunning those it touches.
My Turn
Yin drags a target into his domain for eight seconds, transforming into his Lieh state, altering his abilities. If Yin kills his target, he remains in the Lieh state for a short while.

Unlike most heroes in Mobile Legends, Yin is equipped with a total of five active abilities and one passive ability. He only has access to the typical three skills at any one time, but his Ultimate switches his form, swapping two skills out for two new ones for a time.

The duration of Yin’s ultimate ability can be further extended if the hero manages to get a kill within eight seconds after using it. Because of the additional tooltips that you'll need to commit to memory, it's wise to test the moves out in a custom room before jumping into competitive play.

Mobile Legends Yin Ability Progression

Apart from obviously taking a point in your ultimate at levels four, eight, and 12 respectively, the best ability progression path for this Mobile Legends Yin build is to max out his first ability with as few points in his second as possible.

This will ensure that Frenzy Strike has an extremely low cooldown and can be cast multiple times during Yin’s ultimate. Additionally, Charged Punch is also ideal for quickly pushing in creep waves during the laning phase, so it's well worth building.

The only situation where you should consider leveling up Instant Blast before Charged Punch is when you've fallen behind and might need to flee from unfavorable ganks and ambushes.

In-game screenshot of Yin inside his domain during his ultimate ability in Mobile Legends.
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Mobile Legends Yin Build - Best Spells, Items, and Emblem


  • Fighter (Disabling Strike) - Makes good use of Yin's passive.
  • Assassin (High and Dry) - Works with Yin's whole kit if you're' playing the aggressive gank/assassin role.


  • Aegis - Extremely effective for survival against high damage enemies
  • Purify - Ideal for purging off all debuffs and also gaining “control immunity” for a short duration.
  • Flicker - Be it to catch an escaping enemy or to flee from an unfavorable gank, Flicker is definitely one of the best and most dependable spells for Yin
  • Arrival - The ability to teleport to an allied unit is something that can change the entire outcome of a team fight making it extremely useful for Yin in every game


  • Tough Boosts / Warrior Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Endless Battle
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Despair
  • Immortality
  • Oracle

The Mobile Legends Yin build is relatively fluid. Its end result will morph slightly depending on the match-up and which enemy heroes end up proving to be a problem. For the most part, you'll want to go with the Fighter (Disabling Strike) Emblem for Yin, but Assassin (High and Dry) can work well for ultra-aggressive and confident plays.

As for Spells, while Flicker is a great meta pick regardless and can certainly help Yin in a bind, Aegis will generally suit his all-in attitude better. Go for Purify if you're prone to going head-first into team fights or Arrival if you're sure you'll need to constantly back people up.

For items, the Mobile Legends Yin build is basically set in stone There's a lot of extra damage protection to glean from the item build above, but there's plenty of damage mitigation and life steal in there for good measure. To help get Yin back into battle after a burst, there's a bit of cooldown reduction in there as well.

Mobile Legends Yin Match-Ups and Counters

Best Against
Weakest Against

Given that Yin is a fast-paced fighter capable of dealing massive bursts of physical damage, the best Mobile Legends Yin match-ups typically involve squishy heroes that lack disabling abilities. Refer to the table above for some favourable and not-so-favourable matchups, then keep reading for a quick primer on the reasons why these few made the list.

Yin gets noticeably stronger when he's on his own. As such, roaming the battlefield and quickly shutting down any ranged attackers that lack the means to escape or control him should be your priority, making him very strong against bold mages and cocky ADCs

Yin's lone-wolf combat style naturally makes him a little less effective in team fights. Given he relies on his excellent mobility to weave in and out of combat, jumping into a team fight will typically present more than one opportunity for the enemy group to disable the brazen brawler, which can quickly lead to a knock-out.

The Mobile Legends Yin build for January 2022 is easy to follow.
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Mobile Legends Yin Game Progression

Early Game

Like most Fighter class heroes in Mobile Legends, Yin requires a fair amount of experience as well as a couple of items before he's able to start making plays across the map. However, thanks to his passive ability, Yin can be fairly fearsome even during the laning phase.

Nevertheless, starting from the EXP lane against the enemy ADC, it is highly advised that you keep Yin's Instant Blast ability ready to dash away from unprecedented ganks. Considering that you'll be facing off against the enemy ADC, make sure to play safe whenever enemies are missing from the map.

Mid Game

After the end of the laning phase at around level seven or eight, aim to have your movement speed equipment and starting item all finished up. If you didn't quite dominate your lane, ask your mid-lane teammate to gank your lane to ease the pressure.

However, you shouldn't be expecting your mid-lane to set up the gank for you. Instead, you should try to use Instant Blast to disable the enemy hero and follow up with Charged Punch. This will allow your mid-lane hero to effectively cast their abilities and ensure the enemy ADC's death.

Once you've managed to secure a few kills across the map with your mid-lane and jungler, proceed into Yin's main role: protecting your marksman while also ganking unsuspecting enemy heroes during quieter spells.

Late Game

The ideal stage for Yin to reveal his scariest form, the hero is supposed to be higher than level 12 while also having multiple items in his inventory.

Depending on the item build that you select for any given game, Yin can either be played as a terrifying physical damage dealer, capable of deleting enemy heroes with his Charged Punch or, he can be played as a sustainable fighter, applying multiple disables with Instant Blast in the course of any team fight.

Apart from that, Yin's ultimate ability, My Turn can be used to single-handedly take down the enemy ADC, turning the entire tide of the fight as well as the game. Combining all of these factors, Yin can cause absolute havoc on the battlefield with his abilities that will leave the enemy dumbstruck.

Gameplay Tips for Yin

  • Yin is highly effective against squishy heroes that lack escaping abilities
  • The hero finds it difficult to perform optimally against hero line-ups that feature too many disabling abilities
  • Much like almost every other fighter in Mobile Legends, Yin needs to be wary of unpredicted ganks from the enemy team during the early game
  • Yin enjoys hunting down enemy heroes by himself with the help of his passive ability, Leave It To Me.

Considering the performance that has been seen from Yin during his early days in Mobile Legends, it is safe to say that the hero is a force to be reckoned with. However, understanding his mechanics and playing the hero to his full potential might take a bit of time. Hence, it is highly advised that you spend some time in a custom room to get fully acquainted with the hero's workings before jumping into a multiplayer match.

And that's it for this Mobile Legends Yin build guide. Hopefully, you'll be able to take what you've learned here and climb the ranks more reliably. And if you need to learn a few other roles, we have Mobile Legends build guides for this season's finest.

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