All The Mobile Legends Starlight Perks for July 2021

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As the month of June comes to a close, it's time to start looking ahead. Mobile Legends has finally announced what will be in the July Starlight pass, perks and all. Here's what's coming next month; including the July exclusive skin, returning starlight skins, and a few other neat little goodies.

Mobile Legends July Exclusive Starlight Skin

The Mobile Legends July Starlight skin this time around is the Simian Curse Sun skin for the staff-wielding brute. Not only that, he comes with an exclusive Sacred Statue tower skin and emote, too.


You can watch the video below to get an idea of how it looks in battle, as well as everything else coming next month.

Mobile Legends July Starlight Returning Re-Run Skins

After that, you'll also get to choose a second skin for free; though only from a limited list. They're all returning Starlight Exclusive skins from past months, so don't miss your chance to pick up one you may have missed.


The Starlight skins returning for July are as follows:

  • Chang'e: Strawberry Parfait
  • Aldous: The Insentient
  • Hayabusa: Biological Weapon
  • Lesley: Lethal Lady

All 5 returning Starlight skins in Mobile Legends for July 2021

Mobile Legends Free Painted Skin

On top of claiming two skins through the methods above, the July Starlight perk will unlock a painted skin as well. This time, it's for the Clint Badminton Champion skin, turning it red instead.

Painted skins are merely recoloured versions of previously released skins. They're simple, but a nice way to refresh an old favorite.

Mobile Legends free painted skin for July 2021.

Free Weekly Skin and Champion Rotation Changes

If the skins above don't match up to your usual champion choices, don't worry; the July Starlight perks still have something for you.

From Jul.2-Aug.6, you'll be able to change the usual free weekly skins and champions once per week.

Other Mobile Legends July Starlight Rewards

Some of the smaller-scale perks for next month's Starlight perks include the usual array of exclusive frames, 10 loss protection, and more.