Mobile Legends Battle Royale Mode 'Survival: Nexus' Returns This Week

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It's been a long time coming, but the chaotic Mobile Legends battle royale mode Survival Nexus return date is set for July 2. And a lot has changed. Here's what we know so far.

What's New With the Mobile Legends Survival Nexus Mode?

When Survival: Nexus returns at the start of July, it shouldn't feel quite as crowded as it did before. An entire top section has been added to make the map bigger than ever.


On top of that, cars have been added to speed up traversal, and matchmaking has supposedly been improved to prioritize player balance.

What hasn't changed is who you're able to play as in the Survival: Nexus mode. Like last time, it's restricted to 100 copies of Beatrix split evenly into teams of two.

What is the Mobile Legends Battle Royale Mode?

Just as many MOBA titles spawned in response to the popularity of League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, plenty of MOBA titles responded to the dawn of PUBG Mobile with their own takes on the Battle Royale Formula.

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, its Battle Royale mode is known as Survival: Nexus. In it, 100 players all play as Beatrix; a legend with two different attack modes, plenty of burst, and excellent manuvability—the perfect candidate for a battle royale mode, basically.

100 players break off into teams of two and fight over loot between other teams and NPC monsters. As poison gas closes in, making the map smaller, the remaining teams are forced into a final struggle. Only one team can survive.